A few of my favorite pieces available on Amazon.com now

I am so happy to officially announce the launch of my Ramona Singer Collections Amazon Store!  We have been very busy putting together all of my favorite items from True Faith Jewelry, especially all of the styles from the show that you ask me about so often.  These are just a few of my favorites, but you have to see the store – there are so many beautiful pieces!

See the amazing selection here on Amazon

Insider Scoop:  I’ll be featuring Tru Renewal on Amazon.com as well, another added bonus for my Ramona Singer Collections Amazon Store!

Theo Wargo from Getty Images took these amazing photos!

On Saturday, January 23rd, I was honored to host the launch of my skin care line, Tru Renewal, at the 74th Street Equinox here in New York City.

I want to give a huge Thank You to all of my family, friends and fans that came to support!  And of course, to all of the Equinox staff and management that made this event possible, especially my good friend, Sheri Bardot.

It was so much fun interacting with everyone and working with the amazing aestheticians to give free mini-facials featuring Tru Renewal’s Ultra Repair Cream, Ultimate Eye Repair, Oxygenated Algae Boost and Gentle Gel Cleanser.

Stay tuned, next week we will announce our raffle winner who will receive the Complete Collection from Tru Renewal – a gift package that will be available on our new Amazon store, Ramona Singer Collections next week.  The lucky winner will also receive other gift bag goodies from the event including makeup from Laura Geller, OPI and tea from Talbott Teas.

And last, a very warm thank you to my friend Amy Brownstein for all of her efforts in making this a truly successful event in every way!

Here are a few more great photos from the event.  Enjoy!  xo Ramona

Treating Alex to a Tru Renewal mini-facial! Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Posing with Alex after she picked up a few goodies from Tru Renewal Photo Credit:  Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Posing with Alex after she purchased her Tru Renewal goodies. Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Fan Mail: HSN

January 28, 2010

Ramona, Congratulations on your gorgeous jewelry line on HSN.  Though I’ve never bought anything from HSN, I had to buy a few pieces!!  I own several pieces of vintage art deco jewelry, including my engagement ring.  Your pieces stand up next to the antiques.  You certainly have a talent for jewelry design.  Please keep more pieces coming!  I am also a business owner and I am pleased to support another strong professional woman.  You are a great example for your daughter. – Paula
Dear Paula,

Thank you so much for all of your beautiful compliments!  I was so flattered to read this email!

This is exactly what I desired the HSN collections to achieve.  I wanted the designs to be as good as jewelry made a hundred years ago and still be fashionable today.  Even my daughter, at 15, is amazed at this collection and wants her very own collection of the HSN jewelry that I can pass down to her.

Wishing you the best of success in your business.  And thank you again for your support, you made my day!


For those of you looking to purchase your own piece of estate inspired jewelry,

visit HSN here to see all of my pieces!

The premiere you have been waiting for is almost here!  I promise you this will be the wildest season and there are so many surprises I can’t share with you yet, but check back as I will be discussing the episodes throughout this year.

In the meantime, check out the clips Bravo! has put up on their site.  This season is going to be so hot!

Classless Countess

Needing a Hobby

Kelly’s Wayward Boobs

Ramona, I can’t believe that you are 50 years old.  Your skin does look awesome!  What treatments from your dermatologist do you recommend?  What makes your skin care different than all the “other” brands?  I think you are a hoot on the show and just “honest”.  I hate to say it but some people can’t handle the truth!  – CC

Dear CC,

The treatments that I receive are from Dr. Sharon Giese, here in New York City.  You have probably seen her on the show.  She really is the best!  She recommended that I try IPL which is Intense Pulse Light Treatment to help remove fine lines and blemishes.  I also go for Botox on occasion to lighten the impression of deeper lines.

I have to say though, that treatments are only part of it.  Using Tru Renewal daily has really shown me and my friends an incredible difference in the appearance of my face and neck skin.  It looks much firmer and supple since I started using the Ultra Repair Cream, Ultimate Eye Repair (which I also use around my lips and all over my neck for fine lines), Oxygenated Algae Boost and the Gentle Gel Cleanser.

I use the Tru Renewal Collection daily for firmer, glowing skin!

After years of trying numerous products from every brand you can imagine, I was fed up with the struggle of finding something that worked for my sensitive skin.  This really was my inspiration for developing a skin care line with the advice of Dr. Sharon Giese.  I wanted to make a natural product that would be great for all skin types and I found that green algae was the ingredient that would aid in skin firmness and help with fine lines.

Hope this helps!  I’m glad to hear you appreciate my honesty – I don’t know how else to be so I say exactly how I’m feeling.

All my best,

xo Ramona

Welcome to my official blog!

I have received so many requests for my opinion on business, beauty, health, fitness and family that I thought it was finally time to start the conversation with all of you in one centralized place.  I also wanted to use this platform to thank all of my fans for all of your support these last few years.   As we get ready for the premiere of Season 3 on March 4th, I can tell you this will be our best season yet and it is chock full of surprises!

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often, I will be updating my blog often with photos, stories and lots of tips.   Please comment!  I love to hear from all of you.

xo Ramona