Tru Renewal on Giveaway!

February 18, 2010

To celebrate the launch of Tru Renewal Complete Collection – ALL four pieces of Tru Renewal Skin Care for an unbelievable price of $225! (You save $50!)  – I have decided to give one lucky Twitter follower a collection of Tru Renewal products of their own!!

To enter to win, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter and  Tweet

@Ramona Singer Tru Renewal Giveaway

I will be picking a lucky winner when my Twitter followers reach 12,000!

Tru Renewal Complete Collection includes Ultra Repair Cream, Ultimate Eye Repair, Oxygenated Algae Boost and Gentle Gel Cleanser

Tru Renewal Complete Collections available at Ramona Singer Collections on starting tomorrow – Friday, February 19th at 11:00am EST at the incredible price of $225


18 Responses to “Tru Renewal on Giveaway!”

  1. Theresa M. Barsallo said

    Can’t wait to try your products. Love you, on The Real Housewives.

  2. Harriet Lowry said

    Watch you every week on the real housewives of NY. You are so beautiful. Can’t wait to try out your products. XOXOXO

  3. victoria vasquez said

    love your actitud !! inspired for your achievements!!! will love the products!!

  4. Donna Seese said

    I wish I would have known about this contest. I am totally out of ALL of my skin care and am in serious need of some products. We have run into serious hard times. My husband was diagnosed with Bladder and Prostate Cancer and I just got my third back surgery and ended up on life support (they used a different anesthesia on me and it put me way under) they could not get me awake until the next day so there was a machine breathing for me until then.

    I soooo wish I would have known about this because I’ve read about all of your products and they are all natural and I too have serious sensitive skin. Do you have trial sizes to sell so I could afford to try everything?

    Please let me know. Hoping to hear from you.

  5. Tracy said

    Ramona you are a very inspiring person. I don’t think that it is luck that you have. You have a desire to be that best in everything that you do. You are definitely a role model for all young and older women out in the world today!!! I especially loved when you told Avery that she needs to an independant person and not to rely on a man to pay her way. I will instill that motto into my own daughter who is now in her first year in College, at Kean University!! Go
    Cougars!! Love you Ramona and thanks for all the independance you bring our way!!

  6. Michelle said

    I like the epitome that you had of starting a renewal or some say a new lease on life. Especially now a days with divorces, estrangements and really people distancing themselves from one another it’s nice to see it on reality tv of a fresher attitude.

    I watch the program on hulu. Mostly just to hear the NY accents as I live in Boston and hear some Bostonian accent in the NYC too! I get tired of hearing the pettiness and bickering however I like seeing the walls being broken down and really that we are all sisters it’s just too bad we fight instead of unite.

    Anyhow, I wish you and your family success!


  7. anita said

    ramona i also had a very vocal emotionally and sometimes physically abusive childhood. my mother being a devote catholic never left my father. your ability to succeed in spite of this has given me an insight into you and me. Thank you for sharing that part of you.

  8. Sue said

    Congratulations on renewing your vows. My husband and I did that on our 35th anniversary and our children held a beautiful reception for us. I never had a big wedding so this was very special. So my wish for you is another 17 years of a good marriage and at that renew your vows again. 🙂

  9. Missy D said

    Ramona congrats on the new you! You have been wonderful to watch this season. And wishing you all good things to come. Congrats on your success.

  10. Catherine said

    Love your jewelry line and looking forward to trying your skin care products. I think you have a great personality and I commend you for being so gracious a host in the face of such atrocious behavior from Kelly. You provided such a wonderful and opulant setting for this trip for everyone that I was just amazed watching and seeing it all on TV. Most people would have considered this a once in a lifetime kind of trip. It’s unbelievable and turned my stomach to watch how terribly your graciousness and generosity were virtually ignored by Kelly. There is no excuse for her behavior. I hope none of the housewives let her “slide” on this whole affair. Wishing you all the best and congratulations on your “renewal of life” actions and attitude towards moving forward in your life. It is inspireing.

  11. Candy Olivares said

    Think you are fabulous! Look forward to trying your products!!

  12. renee maust said

    You are so cool!! Love the show and love your personality!!!

  13. RHONDA NOWAK said

    Ramona, your genuine love for the women on the show, no matter what they’ve done or said, is so apparent. When I heard you say “love love” a few times, I thought, “yes, that’s who you are”. How you keep your head up and shoulders back with those other women is commendable. I do like several of them, but you definitely have proved to me that, I am am 51, and watching you, I can be beautiful, successful, and a “great mom”, which you are. thank you for your pictures and the great trip to St. John, I felt I was there, I re-watched those episodes several times, not because of the gals, but to see you so happy in that beautiful setting. Happy Pinot Grigio!!!! You go gal……

  14. monica waldon said

    I am such a fan. I love your jewelery. I would love to try your skincare. You have beautiful skin and in no way look even close to your age. You are an inspiration to women as a business woman as well as a mom.

  15. Allison Harrison said

    Hi Ramona, I think you are an amazing business woman. I am taking the first steps in starting my handcrafted custom jewelry line and I love it. Hard work and motivation from strong business women like you, will help me fulfill my Vision.

    Thanks and I am looking forward to trying your True Renewal products. Good luck on all of your continued success.

  16. peacefulrn said

    I can’t figure out how to enter to win you skin care products.You have nit more $$$ than most of us, ne most of us would love to try your products,with such a succesful bussine, I agree with Donna S.. Do your trai/travel samples?There are a million skin care products out there,most don’t work,but we can all see what they have done you,$$$ should not be a in looking/feeling just as pretty &healthy as you are,but it is.Please how about a few trail products to prove it will work wonders of us hard working women.Free trial products an be a powerful way to advertise your product.Please please please.You have so much,most of us do not.Loosing a job is a huge blow to the ego,looking for a job after 15yrs at the same company destroys the self esteem,even when it is not our fault. Feeling like I have confidence with great skin would be great. Please help working women out.I don’t think you read these but it is worth a try.worth the begging.Thank you for being a great inspitation. Anybodyelse feel the same?Thank you. Peaceful RN

  17. Vicki said

    Hey Ramona!!!

    How are you girl? Can’t wati till the housewives come back again..I always looked forward to seeing you each week on the show. Love ya girl keep going strong you are such an inspiration.

  18. Vicki said

    RamonaSinger TrueFaith sweepstake……wanna win your jewlery!!!

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