Africa Foundation

March 6, 2010

I am so happy to have started this blog so I have a place to connect with my fans and discuss the on-goings of my business and the fun publicity I receive.  But most importantly, I really like that I have a place to talk about something very close to my heart.

Africa Foundation facilitates the empowerment and development of people living in or adjacent to protected areas in Africa, by forging unique partnerships between conservation initiatives and communities. The Foundation funds projects based on the needs within the communities surrounding conservation areas, specifically in the following three areas:

  • Education – school improvement, bursary schemes, conservation lessons
  • Healthcare – primary healthcare centres, HIV/AIDs awareness programmes, access to water, sanitation
  • Income Generating Activities – agricultural projects, skills centres, entrepreneurial support

A key Africa Foundation aim is to help break the cycle of poverty. They therefore seek to support projects that combine to provide a ‘conveyor belt’ of resources from pre-natal care, right the way through to university bursaries.

This May I am a part of a group of women on a trip to South AFrica, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia to participate in extremely vital community development projects involving education, medical and health care improvements in rural Africa.  The major focus of the trip is to expose us to the work of Africa Foundation and to continue to the work of the foundation.  Our group will be touring the creche, primary and high schools; visiting health care clinics and learning about HIV/AIDs initiatives.  Africa Foundation’s work involves communities that border on conservation areas.  A special thank you to Wilderness Safaris and &Beyond for making all of this possible!!

A special thank you to Wilderness Safaris and &Beyond for making all of this possible!!

If you wish to learn more or to see you can be a part of the foundation, please visit

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