Fan Mail: Fashion Business

March 25, 2010

Hi, My name is Angelica and like you, I would also love to start my own clothing and accessories line.  However, I would greatly appreciate your advice on how I can go about getting buyers interested in my line.  Do you have any tips or advice on how to get meetings with buyers?  Any suggestions will be very helpful and greatly appreciated!  Sincerely, Angelica

Dear Angelica,

First, congratulations on your new business!  It isn’t easy, but if you know this is the life for you and you can take steps to be successful, it is all worth it!!  Here are some tips that I always think about when approaching buyers:

1.  Offer merchandise that meets competitive pricing and would be of interest to a buyer

2.  Approach stores that your product would fit into – always thinking of merchandising and the current season

3.  Visit the store, get to know the buyer’s assistant if at all possible.  Even though the buyer may not have time for you, if the assistant really likes your product, that’s a step closer to the buyer.

4.  Call, email or mail buyers with your proposal to meet – I always say “I would like the opportunity to meet with you”

5.  Be prepared for you meeting and knowledgeable of your product, memorize all the details so you appear professional

6.  Think out of the box.  When I wanted to pursue my dream of having an estate inspired jewelry line, I knew I would have to find the right place to sell.  It made perfect sense to do my collections for HSN.  And after just having my one year anniversary – I know I made the right choice!

7.  Be persistent and aggressive – don’t give up!

Hope you find these inspirational.  And really, best of luck to you and all the women who become empowered and start their own businesses.  All my best, Ramona


4 Responses to “Fan Mail: Fashion Business”

  1. slamdunk said

    Great advice. I would add along with your be persistent to not be afraid to fail–it is part of the learning process and setbacks can certainly lead to success.

  2. pam davis said

    Hi Ramona (used to work with you at Cygne)
    Pam Muse
    Love watching you on TV . . .Just wanted you to know you look great!!

  3. ella said

    hi my name is ella, i am a 13 year old girl and i have wanted to be a designer for quite a while now. what can i do to become a fashion designer at my age, no matter what it takes.

  4. Shelly said

    HI Ramona, I love the fashions you wear all of your dresses are beautiful. I have one question I loved that dress you wore on the trip with the girls where Kelly sort of lost it and left after having an argument with Bethany for cooking the meal, I have been looking for a dress like it. Where did you purchase that dress and who was the designer. I know it is probably a dress that I can’t afford but a girl can dream. You are truly Blesssed.

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