True Faith Jewelry Giveaway!

March 30, 2010

We had such a fun time doing my last giveaway, that I have decided to do another contest!  This time, win this piece of True Faith Jewelry – a Sterling Silver Pierced Flower Necklace with Crystal CZ Stones!!

True Faith Jewelry Giveaway!

To enter to win, all you have to do is join my Fan Page on Facebook and write this status update:

Ramona Singer True Faith Jewelry Giveaway – Join her Fan page and Repost to WIN!

I will be announcing the winner when my fan page reaches 12,000 Fans!

Good luck!!!  xo Ramona


24 Responses to “True Faith Jewelry Giveaway!”

  1. Luiza M. said

    Aren’t there any rules?

  2. Tonya said

    I just want to say hello and im lovin the new season of housewives so far, seen u on rachael ray you truly are a good person with much respect to you and love your jewelry. Tonya

  3. Maggie said

    I’m not sure I’m doing this correctly. I love your jewelry and want to sign up for your free-giveaway. I enjoy watching you and the girls on RHONYC!

  4. Maria said

    Hi Ramona, Love your jewelry. You are the best personality on the show 🙂

  5. Kimberley said

    Ramona, Your wonderful! Love your jewelry.

  6. Paula Shafer said

    Love your jewelry and would like to enter. Thanks!

  7. pieri said

    love it.

  8. kdl said

    I love they way it looks, I will be buying one. Thanks! Love you on the show!!

  9. madeline zollo said

    Need it your necklace very bad my favorite watching my mom who is sick with shingles but won’t miss show tonite

  10. Romona you are the best friend any of those Woman could have, I am 46 and wold love to have a friend as kind as you to bring the ignorant Kelly. So undeserving. And I believe you are the type of friend that TRULY has your friends back!! Me I really don’t have many Woman friends just because of the catty back stabbing things they can do. My true friends I have had from Grade School and even tho I moved to Maryland from Central Jersey ( Cranford ) We still are truly Best friends and my One girlfriend from Philly we might not talk for months or years but soon as we start talking it is like we haven’t missed a minute. : ) I Love love your jewelry and watching you on the show. Good luck, take care.


  11. Kathy Dabrowski said

    Ramona, love the jewelr line. I especially like how you incorporate your faith and your business in one!! You’re great on the show!!!

  12. Hi everyone!

    Please note that the winner will be picked from my facebook fan page.

    Join my fan page and post the below message to be considered for the giveaway:

    Ramona Singer True Faith Jewelry Giveaway – Join her Fan page and Repost to WIN!

    If you post the message on twitter…please note you will still need to be one of my fans on facebook to win.

    All the best,
    Ramona xo

  13. marci theriault said

    Hi Ramona, I love your show,I think its absolutly the best. I think your jewerly is geogous that u wear on the show, what i’ve looked at at you website. Its beautiful. Im not sure if Im supposed to say anything special but your jewelry is very highend. you can tell just from seeing it on you and computer. There many styles of necklaces but Ramona you wear this on necklace, its like teardrops but different shapes and its round, thats my favorite one when you wear it. Ok, Im wishing myself good luck. Cuz I need it.

  14. marci theriault said

    Ramona Singer, True Faith Jewelry Giveaway. Hi. I love your jewelry. I love the show. I think your wonderful. Im planning on watching you on hsn to see more of your jewelry and to see what the prices are?. Did you wear any type of jewelry on your trip to africa? Or would that have been dangerous? Well Im wishing Myself good lck!

  15. Ramona – always enjoy to watch you grow from the previous

    eposides. Your daughter is turning into a lovely young

    lady. Will be watching HSN.

  16. olivia steadman said

    hello Ramona- i respect and admire you as a great mother, business woman, and a wonderful is great that you give opportunities to people like me that are fans.i wish i could afford to buy every piece of your jewelry but seeing as i am a mother of a teenager my budget is good luck in all you do and i am truly a fan!

  17. Watched you on hSn you were great beautifull things like to be friend on twitter and facebook isn’t life fun considering this time last year I was having open heart surgery done now I’m taking to romona singer who new

  18. Amber said


    I am a new pastor’s wife (I married a banker) and I am wanting some piece of jewelry to wear to always help me remember who my God is. Do you have a piece from the collection that you would recommend??

    Thanks and much love

  19. very nice, if white skin will be fit it more better.

  20. I think I joined. I hit the like button on your facebook page and posted what you asked above. I hope I did it right. Anyway your jewelry is amazing, I never seen anything like it before.

  21. Maureen Greer said

    I enjoy watching Ramona and Mario on the real housewives of NY I am mad about jewelry and love all the pieces Ramona wears I wondered ages ago if I could purchase any of their jewelry and I’m thrilled to discover I can and the price is in my range I was under the impression that it was all real diamonds but I’m chuffed to find out they’re not.
    The long necklaces she wears with stones in them are lovely so I’m looking forward to making my 1st purchase thank you Maureen Greer xxxx

  22. Mrs Maureen Greer said

    Is there any way please I could get a copy of Ramona and Marios jewelry catalogue as I love the jewelery Ramona wears on the show.
    I was so pleased to find out that their pieces are available for me to afford I so wish to purchase maybe 2 pendants and some earrings my address is: 22, Queenscourt Avenue, Kingsfold, Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire PR1 9BT England.
    I would dearly love to look through a catalogue of theirs and no doubt my friends would too Yours Sincerely Maureen xx

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