My Trip to Africa: May 11th – May 15th

May 11, 2010

I am in Botswana first in the Xaranna camp and tomorrow I will be headed for the Mombo camp. We went on a community visit to the Mtembeni Primary School, Mahlekisana Primary School and the Health Clinic. The moment I see the children and the expressions on their faces I am brought to tears.  Many classrooms are actually located in the hot African sun, under a shady tree. There are no supplies – no chalkboards, notepads, etc. The raises money to build real schools – schools with walls, administrative supplies and student supplies. And after the school is built, the government provides certified teachers so the children actually learn.  I wanted to now share with you photos of the schools and children that I have been privileged to meet and spend time with. Education is so important to me and these children have so much promise, please visit: to make your contribution today, it is so important to help and support the leaders of tomorrow.


14 Responses to “My Trip to Africa: May 11th – May 15th”

  1. Catherine said

    What an awesome experience ! I think that is so nice that you are doing that …. When you see how fourtunate we truly are it puts things into perspective. Keep up the great work Ramona … That is awesome stuff! Catherine Cornwall NY

  2. MNSportsScene said

    Ramona- I can hear in your words how this trip has become life changing. What an incredible experience. You are touching lives as your life is being touched by these amazing people.

  3. I have been following your updates on Twitter and FB – the pictures are incredible! Thank you for taking the time to post them for us. Love what you are doing here.

  4. Glynn Dean said

    Hey Ramona,

    How do you feel about your life now that you are experiencing how probably most of the rest of the world lives? I recently visited a third world country in South America. My experience made me so thankful to be an American. However, I was also sad in a way because we take so much for granted and are incredibly wasteful! Just wondered what your take away will be?

  5. Penny Robertson said

    Ramona I love that you are doing something good so many people just worry about themselves.

  6. Amanda said


    Thank you for sharing the photos of the beautiful African children!! I love how your shedding light on the poverty these children faced on a daily basis and how important it is for people who are privileged to donate to the cause. I think that you have the opportunity to influence so many people to help eradicate poverty. In the long run, those children of the camps you visited will became leaders of their communities.

  7. jane said

    HEY , that was so good honorable,Thank you so much!
    THERE in africa ,A dollar goes so far .GOD bless!
    When are you coming back ? we are so missing you in BRAVO RHONY.

  8. C Nessler said

    Ramona, awesome! You are not only doing good for the communities in Africa, but you are expanding your heart and opening your mind.

  9. Terri said

    I love the pictures that you posted and the excitement in your twitters about the animals that you are able to view. Hope you are able to just drink it all in and enjoy every moment.
    I hope your awareness for this foundation will bring the much needed funds that is necessary.

  10. Jessica said


    Last year, I went on a missionary trip to costa rica. As amazing as the country can be as a vacation destination, I was able to experience the part of costa rica that many fail to hear about because it lacks the glitz and beaches. I will forever hold that experience, the county and the children near and dear to my heart. It has a funny way of putting life into perspective and a little reminder of how blessed we truly are. For some reason, I don’t have any reason to complain about my life in any way, shape or form after that experience.

    I am so happy that you are doing the things that you do in Africa. Keep up to good work, Ramona.

    God bless you and all of those adorable children!


  11. MARIA said

    Romano!! You are awesome…what you are doing is awesome! Talk about a renewal process! Unfortunatly these are the conditions in most third world countries and even here in the states! So glad you are doing can we help?

  12. Kyle said

    Enjoy Mombo Ramona. It is a special place!

  13. Well, I really must say that your charities have substance and you are selfless..

    I love your altruistic choices to support and you dont need to put yourself on a step up and repeat to convince others that you are relevant.

    I want to party with you, Beth and Alex. You guys are too fun.

  14. Valerie Mansour said

    Hi there, I love the close-up shot of the school kids. I’m working on a documentary film– made by a small independent film company for the CBC in Canada — about the future of zoos and we have a director talking about how thrilled these kids in Africa would get when they came to the zoo, how their faces would light up. I’m looking for a shot of happy African kids. Could we use yours? We’d be happy to give you credit. Thanks, Valerie at:

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