Working With The Africa Foundation

May 19, 2010

Hanging with the upper school girls. Don't they look great?

We are now in Damarland Namibia but I wanted to share these pictures which I was able to take on our community visits last week.

We saw a total of 6 different schools which the Africa Foundation has helped to build. It is so important for EVERY child to recieve an education as well as a good meal each day – that is why we are working to get more kitchens built along with schools.

Having a little fun with the school children.

Me with the little children at day care.

Helping the kids fetch water.

New kitchen we just built - "Food for the body to feed the brain" -

While I was saddened at first for the conditions that these children have to endure, their amazing positivity and hospitality showed me that you can truly make the best of any situation. They enjoy going to school and are so appreciative for everything the Africa Foundation has done for them. Please visit for information on how you can help today.

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xo, Ramona.

*Africa Foundation works in conjunction with &Beyond Foundation to provide aid for the children of Africa.


3 Responses to “Working With The Africa Foundation”

  1. You Are An Amazing Woman For
    Doing This Ramona! Hats Off To
    You Girl! 🙂
    Follow Me On Twitter @ChelsaRSalinas

  2. It’s great to see you so happy and in such a positive upbeat state. I am subscribing so that I can keep up with your blog. I think you are doing a wonderful job and keep up your renewed feeling and positive energy. I love your new look and remember this…you can wear anything you want at any age because your as young as you feel and think you are. I’m a big fan of NY City Housewives. You go girl!!!!!!

  3. kayla said

    You are such a loving and giving person! Thank God for people like YOU!

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