Amazing Villa from St. John – Presidio del Mar

May 28, 2010

If you got a chance to see the last few episodes of my bachelorette getaway with the ladies…then you got a glimpse of our beautiful villa – The Presidio del Mar!

Ive gotten so many inquiries in regards to the villa that I wanted to share some information and pics  with you all.

The Presidio del Mar is located on the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. It has 6 luxurious guest rooms and 8 fabulous bathrooms. We also had at our disposal a private pool and spa, workout room, personal chefs and staff for the grounds, complimentary starbucks, access to 4 incredible beaches and the most beautiful view you could ever imagine!

What more could a NYC bachelorette housewife ask for???

For more information feel free to visit this website:

xo, Ramona


10 Responses to “Amazing Villa from St. John – Presidio del Mar”

  1. Meghan said

    Thanks for posting the details – it’s absolutely breathtaking! And you had me at “complimentary Starbucks”! Ha!

  2. penni mariotti said

    Ramona what a beautiful trip you treated your friends to! you were a lovely hostess. it was nice to see some housewives having some fun and relaxation for a change this season.

  3. How did you get Starbucks? Did they make it at the house or run into town to get it for you?

  4. Sharon Gamelli said

    Thanks so much for sharing this Ramona. We marveled at how beautiful a place this is! What a generous woman you are to share this with your girlfriends. Thanks so much for sharing….wish it was in my price range!

  5. anna lee said

    This is something dreams are made of. I have watched the episodes & caught them on the replay & I so wish the nonsense & drama were minimized & they took time to show you & the ladies being treated like royalty and took more time as you walked along the house & strolled the beach & sat in a room even as each person got to their rooms. GEEZ We WANT to see that .. Its like that show, Celebrity lifstyes, let us peek. I mean from the moment you stepped off the plane …WOW! I thought you & the ladies should be wearing tiaras all week.. the Villa, I have never seen anything like it. it looked like a magical location. like a dream.

  6. jane said

    Nice trip you planned, too bad it was ruined by Kook-a-doodle-doo.. Kelly is busy trying to do damage control and blaming all of you for attacking her, I don’t know what show she was on, but my EYEBALLS and hearing are fine. She needs help!! You might find it funny to know, that if you post something negative on her face book page, she sends you a threatening letter, and accuses you of being cyberbully..she has lost touch with reality, she forgets that she is a Public Figure, which opens the door for public scrutiny….btw she obviously has way too much time on her hands trying to delete the hundreds negative comments, and her Bravo blog which was also filled with negative opinions. At least Jill who also had hundreds of negative comments, didn’t delete them, she just ignores them. While I sometimes think you act wacky,
    and unfiltered. I do believe you have a good heart and you own your shit, which I respect..You were right to ask Jill to leave, she just wanted to make her GRAND entrance. My favorite moment was when she was trying to show off her skating skills and she fell on her ASS. I was lmao..Funny how Jill ran and hid from Bethenny at Kelly’s party, yet had NO problem crashing your vacation, where Bethenny was..
    You have a great life..good for you..

  7. Rhonda C said

    Wow the pictures are awesome. I wish I was there! I saught out your blog after finding your vintage looking pearl jewelry pieces on HSN. I was only able to get the ring and ear rings in the white because the necklace is now only available in grey. I was hoping you might have the white still available through another source. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. I want to wear at my son’s wedding in July. I love your pieces. I think mentioned you worn in renewing your vows although I could be mistaken on that not sure. Thank you so much

  8. Elaine said

    Ramona: I have you on facebook but like Anna Lee I am tired of the craziness, The first and second seasons I loved. You are up and down with me but you have redeemed yourself of late. Glad you took your friends on a lovely trip. Less drama would be good. I knew when I saw the blow up with Betheny and Kelly that she has a serious problem. You guys never caught on but Betheny was correct. She really needs professional help.
    Back to the trip, beautiful, and that was so nice for all. Glad you did Africa it has been a long time since I was there. Try to take a deep breath and learning to back off is good. I respect Alex and like Betheny and thing Sonja is wonderful. Jill? she has her moments. Too bad they did not film Africa, the scenery would have been marvellous. Take care and have a great Memorial day holiday. Rest up!

  9. Alexis said

    Love ya girl! Fantastic way to celebrate a special time for you.

  10. lucinda said

    Thank you so much for sharing. Oh My that is such a beautiful place. I hope your having a wonderful day.

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