Tips on How I stay Healthy and Fit

June 10, 2010

Since the airing of my trip to St. Johns on the Real Housewives of NY , I have received amazing comments on how great I look and tons of inquiries as to what I do to keep my body looking healthy and fit.

So I figured it would be a great idea to share with you all a few key tips that I have followed over the years.

My Tips for A Healthy and Fit Body

1. Fist and most important – you are what you eat!

I feel that in order to stay consistently healthy and at your ideal weight, one must eat healthy as a way of life. I never dieted because diets only offer temporary results.


Oatmeal with Blueberries – This is such a great way to start the day. Not only does it fill you up but its also healthy! The oatmeal provides your body with fiber and the blueberries are rich in antioxidants which help to support the immune system. I also have 1 large mug or 2 cups of green tea both at breakfast and at dinner time. It is rich in antioxidants and helps to promote a healthy body.

2nd Option – 1 Egg, 1 slice whole wheat toast and a side of fresh fruit. For fresh fruit I always have blueberries and strawberries.

Runing late –  if i’m in a mad rush…I still try to eat healthy by adding blueberries to Raisin Bran Cereal or yogurt with sliced banana and berries.


Lunch for me is always a salad with mixed greens. The greener the leaf the better (spinach is really the best).

1st Option – Mixed greens salad with grilled chicken or fish. I always try to have at most, 4-5 oz. of protein with my salads.


When I snack, I never snack on chips or anything junky. I try to have low fat yogurt, my favorite being Yoplait Light Fat Free Yogurt. Its only around 100 calories, it has zero grams of fat and plus it tastes great!


I believe dinner should be 3/4 vegetables and 1/4 protein.

1st – I always begin with a salad or at a restaurant if I don’t want to start with a salad, i’ll pick a vegetable appetizer or tuna tartar

2nd – I always have steamed vegetables as well. Asparagus, string beans, broccoli etc.

3rd.  For proteitn – Grilled fish/chicken/ pork or turkey. I only have red meat about 4 times a month.

Ive found that the key with Protein is small portions. I also try my best not to have any carbs at dinner and we only cook with olive oil (no butter).

I also always have wine with dinner. Its been proven that 1 or 2 glasses of wine with a meal is very healthy and its a lot better than drinking vodka or tequila.


If I do dessert, and I try to stay away from it but if I have to :), I have low fat frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit. My favorite brand is Turkey Hill Vanilla bean…it tastes just like ice cream! and if at a restaurant, I’ll just take 2 bites from my husband’s plate. After all, we all need something sweet sometimes.

My one decadent indulgence its when its that time of month, I stop at Crumbs Bakery and get their mini vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing and a hazelnut coffee.

I hope these tips work for you and I will will follow up with my work out regime soon.

All the best,

Ramona xo


64 Responses to “Tips on How I stay Healthy and Fit”

  1. Thanks Ramona, You look marvelous darling!!! Thanks for sharing your health and beauty secrets. I am researching what eye serum I should get for under my eyes from your new line of skin care products. Could you help me decide which one I should get? I am over fifty and just noticed intence wrinkles and lines and also some sagging and discolration, Ramona I need your help ( I wish you would start a helpful hint column where people could write in and you give them helpful hints on issues on life, beauty, fitness, business, mothering and marriage ) Well, anyway I really enjoy watching you on HWNY… You are the BEST!!! Kelly appears to be bi-polar with episodes of delusion…What a loonie… maybe you could get her to a shrink… lol 🙂 Carpe Diem

    • Ann M said

      Thanks Ramona for your tips on staying in good health with a food choice information for your meals. I know you play tennis but was wondering if you do any other workout and if so, how often do you work out. Oh one of the episodes you were walking, do you you have time with your businesses to exercise daily? Do you recommend working out or exercising each day, I know that sounds funny especially since you are in great shape but was just curious. I lost 74 lbs with diet and exercise a few years ago but can’t seem to get back to a good routine lately. I love your show and look forward to another season. Keep up the good work. Ann

    • whittney soares said

      Aloha Ramona,
      I really enjoyed this peice on health that you’ve posted. I think it’s very important for women to embrace their age and beauty and realize we hold the key to our own health and need to make those healthy choice everyday. Your a great example of this platform. I must say that I too was curious about your workout and diet lifestyle after I watched the episode of you at St. John. I thought to myself “Damn, I hope I look that awesome when I’m her age.” Your and inspiration to women everywhere. Best of luck to you.

  2. Aghavni said

    Thanks Ramona, I wanted you to know how much you have inspired me this year. I’m doing a little renewal of my own – Thanks to you. It’s time for a fresh start. So far I’ve lost 30 Lbs.and have more to go. Nice to see I’m on the right track doing almost the same diet that you posted !! I’m taking an on-line e-course to help me get my art business up and running and maybe get that independence that you talk about. I really feel like I’m taking control of my life – finally. Thanks for the head start. Just wanted you to know that people do listen and even though we don’t know each other I think of you as a long distance friend who supports me for who I am. You have a wonderful life and family don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  3. Heidi said


    Thanks so much for sharing/simplifying this. It OBVIOUSLY WORKS! 😉 You look FAB! Can’t wait to Romona-ize my diet!!
    You are very inspirational on many levels: business, relationships, “moving on” emotionally, health, girlfriends, and fun. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences.

  4. Thank you for the excellent tips, Ramona. It appears that you “walk the talk” because you have a beautiful complexion and a fabulous figure — both of which can be attributed to a healthy, nutritious diet. “Laura from Albany”

  5. paula ralston said

    ROMONA,you look great keep up the good work your hottttttttt,I just want to say friends are everything in my world and they seem to mean alot to you also’ if there is anything you can do for Jill and Bethany I know on the show you did try to get them to work things out But maybe off the show and away from everyone.No Luann or anyone else that will harm the good that you can do for them.I’m sure that their may be more to the story then We the people don’t know but Jill does seem to be really sorry for all she has done.And Bethany I’m sure is very very hurt by her best friend Jill but I know Romona you do love the both of them very much and if anyone can do this you can.Just throwing it out there if you ever get the chance.Take care and I will be watching because you are a joy to keep up with.God Bless and Good luck.Paula Ralston

  6. Jeannette said

    Ramona, you look awesome! You make 50’s look fabulous and there’s nothing wrong with doing what you have to do to preserve your sexy. I’d like to see you tour more, you are an inspiration.

  7. Irka said

    You are a hot mama! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Olivia said

    Thanks so much for sharing your tips. Lotsa celebs say they will but then just give generic answers. Thanks for taking the time to genuinely share with us. Women helping women is one of the best things ever! All the best to you and yours! 🙂

  9. Ana said

    Ramona this are great tips! and by the way, I truly wish I could look like you when I’m your age!
    Could you also give us some tips on workouts that you may practice.

  10. kate maras said

    Ramona……..i only wish i looked this good ! you are unbelieveable !!!! i really appreciate your diet plan i am really gonna try and i have such a chip and sweet tooth it makes me so mad. how in the world can you stop the cravings. i love your new haircut i am only 5 years older than you and i use to look like you physically and i have fallen apart !! you are inspiring me to GET THIS MESS INTO SHAPE !!!!! THANKYOU !!!!

  11. Ramona ..
    First, you do look amazing! These are fabulous tips… I am in the process of “renewing” myself and I will certainly incorporate these simple, practical changes which I am sure will have a BIG impact!

  12. M.Triolo said

    Ramona, You look absolutely wonderful & we are the same age I used to look like you but after 50 it was downhill. I just want to know if you do have wine everyday (is it white or red) and isn’t it a lot of calories & how do you figure it into your healthy diet?

    Thank you, Margaret

  13. Megan said

    Ramona, you are an inspiration to women! You look amazing. I’m 36 and I would kill for your body. You would never guess your age and honestly, who cares what it is with the way you look. I’ve watched you on the RHNY and your relationship with your husband and daughter are a joy to watch. It’s nice to see a woman who cares about her family and hasn’t been divorced three times. I just have one question, how often do you workout and do you do more cardio than light weights? Details, girl, details. Rock on, Ramona…rock on!!

  14. Berenice said

    Thank you Ramona great tips!

  15. Marjorie Edmondson said

    What do you eat when you crave salty?? I’m a sweet n salty type!

  16. Diane said

    You look amazing!!!

  17. Gail said

    Ramona –
    You look beyond awesome and I hope a diet/beauty/lifestyle/self-help book(s) is in the works! I am so proud of you, how you have renewed yourself from the inside out. You have set an incredible example. You have given me hope that I can do the same thing for myself.

  18. teri said

    I could not believe my ears when I watched the 1st of the reunion shows last night and you were joking around about your age, I was like- holy smokes I thought you were in your 30s. Anyway, your skin looks amazing and I do think you have the kindest heart of the women, even tho you do mess up once in awhile, but your true self always does shine thru in the end. And it was so nice when you became friends with Alex and Simon, I think they are real too.

  19. I eat very much like you do and it does make a big difference. I’m now in my 60’s but people always guess that I’m much younger. Ramona, I just fell in love with you during the last few episodes of RHONYC! You were fun, lovable, and a joy to watch. Thanks for some great TV viewing the past few weeks. Enjoy your summer

  20. Maria said

    You are beautiful and look so young! I really admire what a good business woman, mother, and wife you are too. You seem like you have such a good heart too. It makes me happy to see how close you, Bethenny, and Alex have become.

    Any beauty tips/ health tips you can provide will be so appreciated! I can only hope to look as radiant and wonderful as you do when I am 54. I will definitely be checking out your skincare line!

  21. i thought you were 40, congrats to never aging!

  22. Meg said

    Ramona, you mention before that you’ve been having treatments on you legs every spring before bathing suit season. Was it surgical cellulite removal? Or what is the process?

  23. Nadine said

    Ramona, you are gorgeous! You’ve inspired me to ReNew myself too! Love You!!!!

  24. Cara said

    you are beautiful but starving. this IS a diet.

  25. Bettyann said

    Hi Ramona
    I want you to know that you are TRUly an inspiration to women. With all the drama on the show, you still ‘tell it like it is’.

    Keep doing your thing! You’re a succesful person for a reason! Best to you

  26. Kathi said

    Ramona, watching you on ‘watch what happens’ You are the one that is delusional…You were NOT supportive to all the housewives this season! You are full of yourself and have no reason to be.

  27. Cindy said

    Thank you for these great nutrition tips…real food accessible at grocery stores.

    Would like to read what your workout regimen is.

    Thanks again!

  28. Monique said

    Thank you so much for sharing!! You simply look amazing 🙂

  29. B said

    Thank you! You look amazing!!!!

  30. my jus said

    Hi, nice post. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  31. Cyndi said


    You inspire me!! Because of you, I joined a gym this year and have lost 30lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle. What I really would like to know is your fitness routine!! What is your exercise program at the gym that gives you that fantastic muscle tone?

    YOU LOOK FANTASTIC and you have the PERSONALITY to match!! You are a great role model to all women!


  32. peggy said

    You inspire me!!! You look fabulous!! I love your attitude and zest for life. I am currently going through a difficult time as my parents are elderly and in poor health and I have committed to care for them in their home. As a result, I have found myself “fearing” the aging process. People like yourself are such a role model, thank you!

  33. Ramona. Im from N.H so ifeel were almost neighbors!. You look wonderful do you ever get body wraps? Y our skin looks flawless. Im on disability now from a stroke. So i have to be careful with my money, I try to swim 4 days a week. Im geting better , Ihave difficulty in short term memory and numbers. But i was lucky. I think your a generous and kind person. Taking your friends on that trip was amamzing thing to do. It just just sometimes makes me sad watching everyone fight, I lost my best friend to Diabeties, i miss her every day. Everyone on the show should count there blessings. Ramona i would love it if you came out with a excersice video. All the best trisha

  34. Dia said

    Thanks so much Ramona – I am so taken with your total renewal that I’m going to do the same for myself. You’re a great role model and here’s wishing for your continued success!

  35. Jill Johnson said

    Hey Ramona!

    Whoever made the write in comment at the reunion about how you renewed and they were sick of it, can kiss it. I am motivated to renew me. I look 10 yrs older than you and I am younger by a few years. So, you have motivated me to renew me!

    Thanx and I love you! Your loyal fan from season 1 episode 1!


  36. Rachel said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so beautiful, smart, and inspiring!

  37. Makala Mosley said

    Ramona thanks for sharing the tips on staying healthy. My weight has always been a struggle. I am definitely going to implement these tips into my life. You have definitely motivated me. If I can look as good as you do, dating will be alot easier. THANKS AGAIN!

  38. Lynda Coto said

    You are so beautiful and a beautiful person at that! You keep it all together and manage to have fun too.

  39. Wendy said

    I have changed from eating 10% healthy to 90% healthy and it has changed my life (and lost 20 pounds). I can’t wait to see your exercise plan! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Lorie L Thale said

    Dear Ramona,

    You look so great! I can’t believe how great you look in a bikini ( like a teenager. ) I am a year younger than you and have been struggling with the menopause thing! Thank you for sharing what you eat with us all; but what is your exercise routine? And have you used any special natural hormones? Thank you for taking the time to responsd back to me You are my inspiration for how a 50 year old can look!


    Lorie L. Thale
    San Diego, CA

  41. Lorie L Thale said


    You look great for your age! Thanks for sharing what you eat on a daily basis! What is your exercise routine? You are truly an inspiration! Thank you.



  42. Deborah said

    Please please please share your fitness tips as well. How do you keep that bangin’ bod?

    I think we’re the same age, but while I’m cute, not nearly as cute as you!

    BTW, you have been my fav since season one. Always.

  43. Monica said

    You look absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for sharing all your fitness tips. You really went into details (which I love!!). You are an inspiration to so many of us. Please keep us posted on any new tips. You are very admired and loved. Keep being YOU.

  44. Natalie said

    Hi Ramona,

    Can you share with us your wardrobe this season? I especially love the dress you wore in the “ambush” at your home with Jill, Bethenny and Luann. It was a grey little number with rosettes around the neckline.

  45. Cheryl said

    WOW… looked fabulous on your girl’s trip. My jaw hit the floor when you wore your bikinis. I am in my 40s, and I am trying to get back into shape and feeling good about myself. You have inspired me in so many ways. I love your carefree attitude. and love of life. More people need to be like you. You are my favorite. I have a 14 year old daughter, and I am very close to her as you are to yours. Anyway, looking forward to hearing your workout regimen.

  46. Lucie said

    Thanks Ramona,

    I am going to incorporate these food ideas into my daily meals. This is something that is reasonable to me and that I already am familiar with but I haven’t been good about eating enough salads/greens.

  47. Nicole said

    You look awesome, from head to toe! I also wanted to say that I loved you this season on the show. (Bravo NEVER posts my comments) so I have to say it here. You, Bethenny & Alex are spot-on – especially when it comes to coo coo Kelly. I hope she doesn’t return to the show, she just can’t handle it and she makes a complete fool out of herself. I’m embarrassed for her. I guess Jill won’t be back because of Alex, boo hoo. No love lost there!

  48. Howard Fine said

    Ramona has “crazy eyes”!!!!!!!!!

  49. Andrea said

    Dear Ramona,

    Thank you for sharing your diet guidelines with us. I’d really like to know your work out and have wondered about that from the beginning of the show. Early episodes where you shared your photos from a fitness magazine and when Jill told us that “your butt looks like a teenager” indicated to me that you are someone who knows what to do to be fit besides just eating right. You’ve been very low key about your knowledge and how hard you probably work at it. Looking good doesn’t come easy for most people and would pay for the information if you were to authentically share your exercise routine with us. I’d rather hear from you as the real deal and suggest this as a knowledge area for you to consider sharing with your fans.

    Best from Seattle!

  50. Lili Chen said

    Ramona, At the end of the day you are a great role model and even more importantly, quite an inspiration. Am looking forward to the workout tips you promised on the reunion show.

  51. Pamela Hogan said

    Hi Ramona:

    Bravo never posted my comments; why, who cares.

    What I wanted to tell you is that I adore you, Mario, and your BEAUTIFUL daughter. She is not on the show often, due I am sure to good parenting, so her name escapes me. My apologies.

    I also said that I am so gratified that you and Mario have seen the good in Alex and Simon, and that you are now friends. Since this past season, I am also thrilled that you are friends with Bethanny. She needs a friend like you, not JILL!

    What happened with Bethanny toward Jill is that Bethanny had all of these great things happening in her life and she missed Jill and reached out. Jill, being the mean step-sister wanted to enforce her authority and put Bethanny in her place out of jealousy and holding a grudge for the “get a hobby” comments. Jill thought since she was THE popular housewife, that she would prevail. SHE DIDNT! NOW, Jill wants to turn the worm and get back “in” with Bethanny, and maybe she realized what a mistake she had made, but I think it is more the former reason.

    YOU, didn’t fall for it. I believe you are going to have a great next season because you, Alex, Bethanny, and Sonya can really have fun and work the charities together and make it a fun, loving show of good friendship.

    I love you Ramona. And please, I have recently committed to exercise and I need your guidance with your work out. Hope to see it soon.

    Love, Pam

  52. kays31 said

    I am thrilled to find the blog via your appearance on Watch What Happens Live because I wanted to know your workout routine and diet regimen. Having turned 60, I also am determined to stay fit for as long as I can and you’re such an inspiration. (though much younger than me) I love the show and your energy. Kudos for all that you do.


  53. shell said

    ramona you look a little fat. i am 62 and have a much better body and face than you do.

    • I met Ramona at an event in Albany, NY, and I can honestly say that she is very petite in size but not in stature. She’s probably about a size 1 or 2. If she was any slimmer, Ramona would be too thin and appear anorexic. Ramona has a beautiful figure and is more beautiful in person than on television. The commenter who said Ramona looked a little fat should remember that TV adds the appearance of extra pound to an individual.

  54. Pamela Hogan said

    Ramona! that 62 year-old that said she has a better body and face than you so, OMGosh! That is not possible. What a troll. Wouldnt it have been better to say, thank you for your tips Ramona, I am 62 and have a body just like yours and a beautiful face too. Geez-Louise. Ignorant.

  55. Jun Flores said

    It is Simple meaty word of wisdom, its a great topic that i read specially you use yourself as a model of what you want to deliver to the General Public God Bless you And More Power Hoping That I Gonna Met You Personally.

  56. Nora said

    Hey Ramona!!!

    You look amazing. You are just a great role model for many woman out there trying to keep their body in shape. I am trying to lose 10 pounds, you tips will help me for sure!!!
    Thanks for your information and your advise.

    P.S-Great Blog & I blog about the Housewives of NY too!!! You are the most positive woman in that show and I can’t wait for it to start!!!

    Good Luck!!!
    -Xoxo Nora

  57. Very well said. I for no reason considered I would agree with this thoughts and opinions, however I’m starting to view things from a different view. I have got to research much more on that as it would seem really exciting. One issue I don’t understand though is how almost everything is associated together.

  58. Jen said

    Ramona!!! This is the best advice on healthy eating! I lost 30 lbs following this routine. It was life changing! Thank you! You are awesome!

  59. Diana said

    Thanks for sharing these tips… I will keep them in mind, but until I will put them in practice, I will continue with my Toronto kung fu classes… the discipline that I love and practice since I was a little kid! These tips where really useful… thanks once again!

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