How I Maintain My Slamming Body! – Workout Tips

June 22, 2010

Eating right hasn’t been my only secret to staying healthy and fit.

After 40 it is a known fact that your metabolism slows down. So I have had to become more active and really work hard to keep my body in shape.

I used to think cardio was enough until I met the most amazing trainer Gaby Boterashvili from Infinity Body!

He gets your heart rate up and down which has been proven to provide results and it has truly helped both Mario and I.

Here’s a glimpse into a typical work out routine that I do with my trainer Gaby:

1. 3 sets of 30 deep squats. The trick to this move is to squeeze your butt on the way up. Trust me it works!

2. I then have to do sprints for 1 minute, running back and forth.

3. Free weights – 7.5 lbs. Ladies, it definitely helps to use weights for toning.

3 sets of 20 bicep curls

3 sets of 20 arm raises

3 sets of 20 overhead pulls

4. 3 set os 20 butt raises

5. No one likes push ups but they are really great for your body! – I do 3 sets of 20 push ups (they can be done on your knees)

6. 3 planks 1 minute each

7. 3 sets of 20 crunches:

Because I have a bad lower back…Gaby has me do my crunches like this:

Lay on the ground

puts hands/ fingers on your forehead

Bring knees to chest

Then bring elbows to knees

So are you ready for your new body??? 🙂

I know its hard but as women the earlier you can start is this easier it will be to maintain as you get older.

All the best,

Ramona xo

PS. – I hope you enjoy my impromptu demonstration pics!!


33 Responses to “How I Maintain My Slamming Body! – Workout Tips”

  1. RHONDA NOWAK said

    thank you Ramona! You look fabulous, I am 51 and so proud of you. Your honesty and openness is a breath of fresh air! Keep up the motivation!

  2. Squirrels said

    thanks ramona. I plan to burn right away.

    Ouch !!!!

  3. Anne said

    #4 Butt Raises-3 sets of #20 EXPLAIN -there was no pix…thanks

  4. Emily said

    So that is the answer on how ramona looks so great and healthy!

  5. Barb said

    Good for you for working out to keep in such great shape. I am curious though about those leg treatments your Dr. gave you in season one or two. Would love to know if they help to get rid of cellulite. Or was it for spider veins? Thanks so much Ramona, loved you this season.

  6. MARGARET said


  7. Pamela Hogan said

    Thanks Ramona! That was quick.
    xo Pam

  8. kristin reyes said

    Thanks Ramona! I saw you doing squats on the show for your butt and now I know how the rest of you stays fit! I’m going to try your routine!

  9. Leanne said

    You are amazing!!

  10. Anne said
    June 22, 2010 at 2:19 pm
    #4 Butt Raises-3 sets of #20 EXPLAIN -there was no pix…thanks


    thanks so much, Romana! love that you shared your workout with us 🙂

  11. Ramona, have you ever tryed Hot Yoga? You could definately do it, it burns 500 – 1000 calories a class, and gets rid of all the body’s toxins. I got addicted last year and have been doing it fairly religously, I just turned 53, and can put some of those 20 yr old’s to shame, it’s awesome! You look GREAT, was so happy to hear you’re also in your 50’s and look amazing!! I love you and love watching you, you are my fav. cause you remind me so much of myself!! haha, Love, Jeanne

  12. bcr8tive said

    These are great Ramona. Thank You.

    I especially appreciate the sit up one for a bad back – I have 4 herniated discs.

    In fact, do the planks aggravate your back in any way? I’d like to try those but am so afraid of flaring my back up again.

  13. tina said

    Hi Ramona! Thank you for sharing this! I don’t mean to be dense, but could you please clarify what the “Butt raise” and “arm raise” moves are?

    Thanks again–love you on the show!

  14. Amanda said

    How nice of you to share, thanks

  15. Cyndi said

    Thanks so much Ramona, I am going to switch to your work out plan first thing tomorrow. I joined the gym back in Feb, working ouy every morning at 6AM has changed my life for the better. I just turned 47 years old and feel better now than I did when I was 30!! There is nothing like a good work out to put some zip in your life!! Love it!

  16. mollie said

    Thanks Ramona, how generous of you! You are the best!

  17. […] How I Maintain My Slamming Body! – Workout Tips Eating right hasn’t been my only secret to staying healthy and fit. After 40 it is a known fact that your […] […]

    • Ruth said

      Dear Ramona, I just love watching you on RHONY. I love your style. You are always dressed beautifully. And your fast wit is amazing to watch. Did your family talk fast? I relate to you in so many ways except that I never found the love of my life, but I am so appreciative that you and Mario give thanks and feel blessed for what you have found. It is so inspirational and you are living a well actualized life. I am writing to thank you sooo much for posting your tips on exercising as your body is absolutely slamming for your age.. that would be 29, right? Blessings and thank you!

  18. Farrah Knight said

    I think you are inspiring! I’m 32 and a new mom and I really enjoyed watching you on the show. You are funny and tell it like it is which is refreshing. All the best to you and the family. I will be trying this workout tomorrow! Love from Texas!

  19. DivaDebbi said

    Hi Ramona!
    Thanks for sharing your workout with us. You look fantastic in a bikini!!! I was surprised to see such heavy weights. I have been doing Go Figure (an off shoot of Lotte Burke) for many years, and will fatigue with 3 lb weights, though the sets are quite long. I have 5lbs at home and I will give your routine a try on my own. I also appreciate your sharing your diet. I have found that when I am satiated with protein, I rarely think about food in between meals. The less sugar you eat, the less you crave. Over 40 requires discipline and 50 that much more, but it is all worth it!!!
    Looking forward to trying Tru-Renewal and Blogging about it with my readers!!!

    Best to you,


  20. Nadine said

    Ramona-adore you!!! U are gorgeous. Thank u for your diet & exercise regimens. How many days a week do work out? Morning or evening? Do u believe in eating protein 30 min after workout? Also, I know u play tennis w/ Maroio… Do u do another sport too? Hiking, walking or swimming?
    I wish I had ur energy!
    Best, Nadine

  21. Mette said

    You inspire me! 🙂 Thank you!

  22. Holly said

    Thanks for sharing your workout and nutrition tips. I loved watching you this season as you renewed yourself, and I found it very inspiring! I’m ready to try your regime and have a true renewal of my own!!

  23. Cindy said

    Ramona…you are my favorite of all the Real Housewives! Thank you so much for your blog and for sharing your workout and eating plan! You are inspiring me so much! I’m about to turn 50 in a few months and I really needed some inspiration to lose weight and get back in shape! You look amazing (and your husband is gorgeous too!)

  24. Tracey said

    Thank you Ramona!
    Love the workout, LOVE you!
    What’s your diet like?

  25. Rebekah S. said

    Thank You Ramona for all the great advice. So many celebs want to keep the secret and I think it’s great that you share with those of us who honestly want to know what we need to do to shed the pounds on slim budgets. I appreciate your down to earth attitude and your sweet endearing spirit. I think that attitude also helps to keep you healthy.

  26. Vicki said

    I also love that you shared your diet and exercise routine with your fans. I don’t understand the “plank”. I see the photo, but there is no explanation. What do you do in that position? Never heard of doing crunches like that, but I love that version of the crunch. Def a back saver! Thx Ramona!

  27. Jeanne said

    I can’t believe you described yourself as having a “slammin’ body”……..that’s something a guy would say about a Lady.
    How Funny.

  28. klmh said

    Congratulations on your new improved body! You look great and we appreciate you sharing your regimen with us.

  29. Pam said

    Hi Ramona,
    I wish you would establish yourself as the “face and body of fifty” for those of us who are in our 50’s. we need a public role model/celebrity face so that we can be accepted as attractive women. You look fantastic in the bikinis and in everything you wear. Growing older can be so challenging, really its not easy, and you are excelling at it.

  30. […] a tiny bikini last season. She even shared her fitness routine on her blog, with a detailed how-to. Ramona’s diet consists of small portions of lean proteins, lots of salad or steamed veggies, […]

  31. Bayla said

    love you Ramona! I am your age but I don’t look half as good as you. Kudos for a great figure and a great attitude of sharing.

  32. Irene said

    Hello Ramona I just came across this info kind of behind but I always wondered how all of you stayed so fit and I am also going to try this routine~you look fabulous~

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