My Family Vacation in Newport Rhode Island!

July 23, 2010

Mario, Avery and I all went to Newport Rhode Island for a week-long family vacation recently.

I had never been to Newport before and didn’t know what to expect. Upon arriving we were all staggered by the remarkable beauty and rich history of the town!

We joined my great friend and her family on her 150ft  yacht for our 6 day trip.  We were docked at 41N, which has a great hotel and restaurants inside and out. The outside restaurant played fabulous music and had an incredible almost life-size chess set which Avery and Mario enjoyed.

Mario and Avery playing Chess. Look at the size of the pieces!!

The best experience for us was doing the Cliff Walk. In fact it was so much fun we did it twice! We would start out on the very top by the ocean and huge cliffs, which was actually similar to hiking in Aspen. The views were so spectacular and so were the homes!!

Cliff walk.

View from the cliff walk.

We had the opportunity to tour a local landmark – The  breathtaking Breaker’s Mansion. Would you believe i was still furnished in the same manner as the 1800’s when the Vanderbilt family resided there?

I have never seen such opulence and decor. The house was larger than life with gilding and rooms upon rooms. Personally I would have been nervous to ever sit on a chair if I lived there!!

Breakers Mansion - The most majestic home of all!

We also got the chance to play tennis twice at the Tennis Hall of Fame. They have beautiful grass courts. Mario and I played against Avery and a pro which was so much fun and so different from playing on clay.

Heading to play tennis of grass courts.

Me on the top deck by hot tub - Needed after tennis!!

We really enjoyed being on the water. Avery would water ski and do wave boarding and we all went jet skiing. We would take the boat out for short day trips as the water was rough and even though one day it rained we still had the time of our lives!

Mario and Avery taking the Jet Ski out for a spin

Avery wake boarding.

Hanging out on the 3rd upper deck of the yacht.

Oh and did I mention the food on the yacht?!! The food the chef would prepare for us was so amazing that we only dined out twice locally! But we enjoyed our visits to the town because everyone was so nice and the stores and restaurants were all fabulous.

Mario and I enjoying the evening on the boat.

Amazing Newport sunset!

There’s nothing like eating el fresco and watching the sunset with family and great friends.

It was really one of our best vacations ever!!

p.s. – I will be posting many more pics from my trip and other summer events to my Facebook Fan page in the upcoming weeks. Become a member so you can view them!!




18 Responses to “My Family Vacation in Newport Rhode Island!”

  1. Dawn Cuomo said

    Hi Ramona:
    What a great time you had, love the pictures of you and your family. You look fantastic like always. I love your spunk and your spirit and how you just love life. Your an inspiration. The pictures are great, so many beutiful places, it looks like it was alot of fun. Keep enjoying life and take care.

  2. Saundra Dichiera said

    Loved your photos and seeing what a wonderful time you had. Some of these places I had never heard of ~ it’s great to see enjoying life. Time will go by so fast and Avery will be going to college and then more, so enjoy each and every minute of life.

  3. Laura said

    I am glad you enjoyed our tiny state. Many of us tried to get a glimpse of you this week, but no go. We are small but rich in culture!

  4. ERICKA said

    hi romona,
    I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to newport.I am from the area and love it as well.I wanted to tell you i think you and your family are true to life people from what i can see on the show and in your pics.Thanks for the great write up on your trip to newport.Hope you all will come back soon and if you can check out the city on Providence in the summer when they have the water fires you will love that also great food and lots of pino for you girlfriend.


  5. Karen said

    Great group of photos Ramona…really enjoyed them and am glad that you had a wonderful time!!!

  6. Melinda said

    Thank you for sharing!! what a great trip!

  7. very nice pictures i sure like your new style keep up the grat work

  8. CJY said

    Fabulous pictures!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. diane gianturco said

    I would love to see you write a book about fitness and health. I am about your age and you look marvelous!!!!

  10. Loreen said

    Hi Ramona,
    Love you on the show and I love Newport as well. I’ll be there tomorrow for a girls weekend but not on a boat :(. BTW, the photo of the red brick house featured in your pics is Rough Point, the home of Doris Duke. So many of the homes there have great stories.
    Also, I love to two tops you are wearing in the pics.
    Take care,

  11. Arlene Regos said


    Thank you for sharing those beautiful moments with us. You give us all something to aspire to and I adore your attitude and admire you so much!

    I will sign up for your Facebook Fan Page if that is a different one from the one I currently get your posts on a daily basis. Please stay happy and please let us see more bathing suit photo’s of you!

    I hope to meet you SOON and have some crazy “Turtle Time” with you! BTW: Can you squeeze in Cabo San Lucas on August 5th – 11th? Palmas de Cortez? XXOOXX

  12. Dixie Leigh said

    Enjoy all these precious years with Avery. They go by far too quickly!

  13. Rosemary said

    What a beautiful location and nice shots. Nice “poses” Ramona!! Reminds me of Kelly poses—ooops sorry.

  14. judy said

    Ramona, You look fabulous in
    I mainly wanted to let you know that I am so happy to know that people with wealth and prosperity still value the most important things in life. Family.
    I know it’s seems weird for people to wonder that..but money is strange (having money or lack of money. good for you all!!

  15. Loren said


    I was glad to see the softer, nicer, less judgemental side of you this season. I also think something changed at Bravo because Mario was portrayed much differently. I think Jill should really count you as person of faith and trust. I know she doesn’t and really gives it to all of you. I used to think you were the meaner of the two of you and now, after much internet reading and talking with several people who report, write and post secret “leaks” to the press, I know too much to even think of seeing Jill again on the show. She needs to move on. I LOVED that trip you girls took and that you wanted and did, for moments, have a good time. Kelly, well, she is damaged and needs professional help and lots of medication, preferrably mood stabilizers, yes I said it, you can quote me.

    We, the viewers got to see more REAL Ramona this year and I have to say I like what I saw. You gave me the nudge I needed to “ReNew” my life and being and for that I have to say that I am very grateful. Thanks for being yourself and inspiring countless, I am sure, others for getting themselves to a better, positive, happier place! Take care and can’t wait for season 4.

    Loren Simpson

  16. anna lee said

    You have really come into your`light’ your renewed light…I enjoy the new you..I am sure it is the REAL you that is able shine forth. I am sure that I speak for hundreds that do not write.. But you are inspiring & your new glow of warmth & love & kindness & care to others goes so much farther that you have gained such a huge following. All of your buisness will grow with this…you will not lose this fan base because people can see your `soul kindness’.
    thanks for sharing all your travels & experiences with us.

  17. Carol White said

    Hello Ramona,
    I completely enjoyed your vacation photos and thank you so much for sharing them with all of us out here!
    Looks like Avery is having a wonderful time with her Father and of course her Mother. I have one Daughter, Sommer and seeing these pictures reminds me of those precious vacation times and such that we were able to enjoy with her. She is a very beautiful young woman. I loved watching the NYC Housewives this season, I love watching you as a very intellectual business woman, I admire that and the energy you exert. I also enjoy that you are family oriented as well and the photos really show this. I believe that no other success can compensate for failure in the home and you and your family have certainly impressed upon me that being close to your family and enjoying your successes can be done! Your exciting to watch, I love your jewelry line especially True Faith and I hope to try your skin care line in the future. Your HSN line is beautiful! Keep us informed of your next showing! Wishing you and yours all things wonderful and continued success.

    Warmest Regards,
    Carol W.

  18. Looks like a most fabulous week with your family and friends!

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