Healthy Living Progress

February 21, 2011

Hi everyone!  So its been a couple of weeks since I started my new diet and I wanted to check in. I have been working out three to four times a week and I can already see it working! I can see the definition in my arms from all of those push ups! I am toning up and I love it! But, the crazy thing is I have gained a couple of pounds. Maybe its all the Ramona Pinot Grigio I’m drinking!  I know it is Fashion Week and there are a lot of events and parties so that is most likely the reason for the little gain but any tips? How is everyone else doing? I love to hear all of your input and progress!




Dear Ramona:
This is a photo of my children’s choir at 6 AM warming-up to sing with
the great Susan Boyle on the Today Show.
We were formed for the invitation as I had just retired in June from
teaching music in the Yonkers Public Schools
where my a cappella choirs have done a great deal of performing for
many years.
I needed to become an LLC and get an ID and a tax# and every time I
thought about it I gave up.
You told me what to do in one easy lesson and I was an LLC 10 minutes
later and I still have my $50.
I know what fork to use and I donate my daughter’s stuffed animals and
that is my own hair in the photo (turned white
at the age of 40 – a long time ago) but,  YOU helped give birth to the
Hudson River Children’s Choir LLC.
Thank you and thank you again for expert business advice.
I was going to give up on the Real Housewives after the Gate-crashers
from DC but I will watch for you because who
knows what else I could learn from you?  I can always mute the silly
Emme Kresek
Hudson River Children’s Choir

Hello all!! I have decided it’s time to whip myself into shape as the warmer season will be here soon enough (hopefully!). My assistant and I have decided to start a healthy way of living and blog about it for anyone else who wants to join in! I will give updates on my eating and workout routine as well as my progress and encourage you to share yours!  Below are some of my starting guidelines. I would love to hear some of your diet tips so I can try them out as well! Good luck!




Egg white with spinach, onion, tomato with one slice of whole grain bread.


Oatmeal with strawberries or blueberries


Spinach salad with Mesulan greens:  add either chicken, turkey or salmon


Salad with mixed greens

Grilled chicken/turkey/salmon with lots of steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots, string beans, cucumber, cauliflower)





Carrot Sticks


DO drink lots of water! Two quarts a day

DO drink green tea with breakfast and dinner

DO work out 4 times a week

DO eat lots of salad with lunch and d inner

DO carry around a little snack with you such as carrot sticks


DON’T eat white bread

DON’T eat red meat

DON’T eat egg yolk

DON’T  eat pasta, rice, or potatoes