Healthy Eating as a Way of Life!

February 4, 2011

Hello all!! I have decided it’s time to whip myself into shape as the warmer season will be here soon enough (hopefully!). My assistant and I have decided to start a healthy way of living and blog about it for anyone else who wants to join in! I will give updates on my eating and workout routine as well as my progress and encourage you to share yours!  Below are some of my starting guidelines. I would love to hear some of your diet tips so I can try them out as well! Good luck!




Egg white with spinach, onion, tomato with one slice of whole grain bread.


Oatmeal with strawberries or blueberries


Spinach salad with Mesulan greens:  add either chicken, turkey or salmon


Salad with mixed greens

Grilled chicken/turkey/salmon with lots of steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots, string beans, cucumber, cauliflower)





Carrot Sticks


DO drink lots of water! Two quarts a day

DO drink green tea with breakfast and dinner

DO work out 4 times a week

DO eat lots of salad with lunch and d inner

DO carry around a little snack with you such as carrot sticks


DON’T eat white bread

DON’T eat red meat

DON’T eat egg yolk

DON’T  eat pasta, rice, or potatoes


8 Responses to “Healthy Eating as a Way of Life!”

  1. Dori said

    Hi Ramona! I think it is great that you are encouraging healthy living, but I do want to say that I don’t agree with you that egg yolks are a big DON’T. In moderation, they actually help you digest the protein in the egg whites and the healthy fat contributes to healthy and shiny hair and glowing skin. There is a reason an egg is a whole, and while too many egg yolks all the time are not a great idea, I don’t think they should be a big DON’T either. Maybe a ratio of two egg whites to one whole yolk would be helpful to your readers.

  2. Tracy said

    This sound like & terrific plan. Doable. I think I will try it. Thanks.

  3. Sarah Burns said

    Please tell me that RHO NY will premiere as advertised. It’s my favorite of all the RHO programs. The women of NY are the only ones who take the time to work so hard on various charities. I’ve heard Bravo is replacing it with RHO Miami since Beverly Hills ratings were so high. Also read that Bravo feels that NY is too boring — nothing can be farther from the truth and I have NO interest in a sequel to Beverly Hills (ie Miami). I will give up on all Bravo programming if they axe RHO NY.

  4. Mallory said

    Hey Ramona! Can you write & post the link to the entry on twitter a blog about being the Mom of an only child? My husband and I are pregnant and thinking about having only 1, and I’d love to hear your views on it.

  5. Alan said


    I got dragged into watching your show and grew to really enjoy it. You and your husband are a trip. You both seem to have the same playful sense of humor. Which makes me like the both of you the best.

    Regarding diet. I lost about 45 lbs counting calories and following the South Beach diet. I quit counting the calories and added steel cut oats and quickly gained 30 lbs back. I’ve done all kinds of yoyo dieting. No diet I’ve tried has ever been sustainable. That is until I went Primal/paleo. I’ve lost 45 lbs over the last year without seemingly trying. I’ve never felt better. And have no intention to ever give this diet up. I don’t eat any kind of grain, legume, or supposed “healthy” vegetable oil. I enjoy lots of meat, natural unrefined fats and vegetables, including sweet potatoes. When I eat an egg I enjoy the nutrient dense yolk along with the whites. My health has never been better.

    I wish you success with your diet. But frankly, I think you’d do much better following a Primal/paleo diet. If I tweaked your interests, please give it a little research. Read Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint.

    Anyway, you still looked pretty sweet in your bikini last year. And your “crazy” eyes are gorgeous. So who am I to suggest anything. 🙂

    I wish you all the best.

  6. Marjorie said

    Thank-you, Ramona. This sounds like a very healthy diet with some excellent advice.

  7. Melissa M. said

    Thanks for sharing! This is pretty similar to the guidelines I’m trying to follow, except I have fake (soy) bacon in my egg whites, too (and avoid the toast), and I have beans in my lunch salad a few days a week instead of meat, and I sometimes wrap it in a whole wheat, low carb tortilla for variety.

    I also haven’t been able to give up coffee, but I’ve switched from creamer to No Sugar Added soy milk.


  8. Mette said

    What is Mesulan greens? Can someone explain? Give examples :)thanx

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