Amazing Email in Response to My Rachael Ray Appearance

February 16, 2011

Dear Ramona:
This is a photo of my children’s choir at 6 AM warming-up to sing with
the great Susan Boyle on the Today Show.
We were formed for the invitation as I had just retired in June from
teaching music in the Yonkers Public Schools
where my a cappella choirs have done a great deal of performing for
many years.
I needed to become an LLC and get an ID and a tax# and every time I
thought about it I gave up.
You told me what to do in one easy lesson and I was an LLC 10 minutes
later and I still have my $50.
I know what fork to use and I donate my daughter’s stuffed animals and
that is my own hair in the photo (turned white
at the age of 40 – a long time ago) but,  YOU helped give birth to the
Hudson River Children’s Choir LLC.
Thank you and thank you again for expert business advice.
I was going to give up on the Real Housewives after the Gate-crashers
from DC but I will watch for you because who
knows what else I could learn from you?  I can always mute the silly
Emme Kresek
Hudson River Children’s Choir


2 Responses to “Amazing Email in Response to My Rachael Ray Appearance”

  1. RV said

    Very beautiful email.

  2. Madeline donohue said

    Mrs. kresek, I did not know u watched the housewives!! I love this show, and ramona, if u see this I am one of this wonderful choir directors students. I am a housewives adict, mrs. k we all love you at pearls, ramona I love ya!!
    Maddi donohue
    Yps, hudson river childrens choir.

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