Healthy Living Progress

February 21, 2011

Hi everyone!  So its been a couple of weeks since I started my new diet and I wanted to check in. I have been working out three to four times a week and I can already see it working! I can see the definition in my arms from all of those push ups! I am toning up and I love it! But, the crazy thing is I have gained a couple of pounds. Maybe its all the Ramona Pinot Grigio I’m drinking!  I know it is Fashion Week and there are a lot of events and parties so that is most likely the reason for the little gain but any tips? How is everyone else doing? I love to hear all of your input and progress!





2 Responses to “Healthy Living Progress”

  1. Lori Hardwick said

    I’ve been following your example and am inspired every time you say you are going to the gym! The wine could be the culprit in the couple of pounds you gained but perhaps you’ve gained muscle weight since you’ve been pumping iron. Yeah, let’s go with that! Keep up the good work! I’m trying to watch my diet and exercise at least 5 times a week. It’s working!

  2. Zinga Poe said

    Forget the wine, creams and jewelry. You need to come up with an online exercise program. You constantly talk about your squats in the show and we want to get the same cute figure you have. Just look at the picture of your recent vacation – your upper legs look incredible. Most of us just need “spot” exercises – HELP US OUT RAMONA. We don’t want to be stick thin like some of the ladies you work with – we want to have sexy curves in all the right places just like you. Be today’s Jane Fonda as only you could do….Remember – we will pay anything !!!!

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