New York Fashion Week February 2011

March 1, 2011

Fashion Week is over and it was exhausting but incredible!!  I wanted to share my experience with you and show some photos from the crazy week! My first stop was the Rebecca Taylor show. I was so excited to get to go backstage and see all of the action prepping for the show! It was amazing to be able to see all of the designs and fabrics up close and personal.  There was organized chaos all around me and I took it all in! I even got to do a mini interview with the designer herself ! The show was great!

My next stop was Pamella Roland who never disappoints! I admire and appreciate her fashions each and every season! It was then off to Zang Toi with my lovely daughter, Avery!  It was so much fun to get to experience fashion week with Avery.  We even went backstage and Avery interviewed Zang Toi himself! ( ) My fellow cast mate, Jill, walked the runway and I was so proud of her and happy I was there to support her!

I then went to Sachika’s show, a part of Elle 360’s Fashion Week event.   My gold jewelry from my new line “Uptown Meets Downtown” was featured and it looked beautiful  ( ! The runway designs were very fun and funky with lots of feathers! After the finale, Kat Deluna came out and performed and she was amazing!!   I couldn’t help but dance in my seat!  Below is a photo of one of the Sachika models wearing my Eight Ring Necklace.  Also, there’s me standing with the twin designers, Ton-ya and To-tam!

My jewelry was also featured in the White Trash Beautiful by Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora show.  In this show, the black and white crystal jewelry was used from my new line and it worked perfectly (! They used necklaces, earrings and rings and one of the necklaces was even featured on the finale dress! I was honored!  Here are some photos of the models wearing my pieces.

Besides these shows, I also was lucky enough to sit front row at Dennis Basso and Boy Meets Girl. Everyone did such spectacular shows this season! Here are some of the looks I sported throughout the week. I can’t wait for Fall!





6 Responses to “New York Fashion Week February 2011”

  1. Pamela Hogan said

    Love you Ramona! Avery is a doll!!

  2. Keely Avery said

    Ramona I love u to death. People always tell me I’m the most confident woman in the world, but I think you beat me. You know who you are and you don’t give a damn what people say. It’s so entertaining to watch…my friends and I want you to have your own show. “If you can’t handle the truth, it’s really not my problem.” Are you kidding me? So good!!!

  3. Farrah Knight said

    Ramona take off that picture of Jill..she is horrible…on screen she is such a back stabber. You are too nice and she seems very insecure and jealous of you.

  4. KAT said

    Dear Ramona (and beautiful, beautiful Avery)
    May I admit it? I cried when Avery read her essay to you. I’m a grandmother now and while I did do a pretty good job with my 4 daughters, life is a learning experience and just watching you has given me the motivation to be an even better Grandma. I’ve been SOOOO angry this season watching what those brunette HARPIES have tried to do to you: trying to undermine your reputation with the laughable but still vicious implication that you’re an alcoholic, uncontrollable, inferior Mother and wife. HA!! Their poorly thought out plan backfired; how could any of that be true when we see that you’re a successful businesswoman, beloved and loving wife, and the most committed Mother ever to be shown on a TV show? “The proof is in the pudding” and with Avery proclaiming to the world how much she loves and is loved by you, (something NO 16 yr. old would do for ANY reason other than her own desire to do so), I think we all know who wins “THE MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD”. Countless would do well to spend a weekend or better yet, a couple of days during the week, since weekends are the only times she spends with her kids, and shadow you for a bit. Where does that biatch get off implying that her parenting skills are superior to yours?As I said, the proof is in the pudding.
    You’re not just a role model to Avery Ramona, you’re a role model to all of us but especially all of the young women out there who think marrying well is the key to their happiness. Even with a successful marriage, you help women understand that true security is something we need to achieve for ourselves. You’re the favorite Housewife in this household; even my eldest granddaughter thinks you’re the “coolest” and you send a message to her that I thank you for. A piece of advice? Don’t be taken in by Jill anymore. She can’t stand your success and is so incredibly shallow and materialistic. She fawns over the Countless with her fake title and if she truly cared for her BFF Kelly, she’d try to gently guide her toward the therapy she so obviously needs. Instead, with no regard for the damage she can be doing, she uses and exploits this fragile woman to increase the numbers on her “team” yuck!
    Thank you for allowing us into your life: for making me laugh & for making me cry (in a good way). My love to your precious, beautiful Avery and forgive me, but Mario’s HOT!!!!
    With love and respect,

  5. Ann said

    You are strong and inspriational to all of us women. Keep up the great work and good luck in all your business endeavors.

  6. Kimberly said

    Ramona: You are a hard worker and yes I agree you are an inspiration. I luv it that you promote your Pino, if you don’t do it, who will. Certainly no some of those others on your show.

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