MY 19th Wedding Anniversary!

March 21, 2011

Hello again everyone! I wanted to share some photos of a very special weekend I had. Mario and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary! I did not have to think twice at where I wanted to spend the weekend with my husband. We booked a stunning suite at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.   Some of you may remember this as the very same hotel where we renewed our vows last year.


The staff at the Pierre was as welcoming as ever leaving a cute anniversary dessert and bottle of champagne to welcome us.



We enjoyed brunches, couples massages, and alone time on our private veranda! I could not have painted a more perfect weekend if I tried!




















Mario and I were asked by a brand new bride what our secrets to a good marriage are and I answered, “Trust, communication, and keeping the romance!”. Mario piped in with, “And not necessarily in that order!”. It was exactly what we had at the Pierre Hotel.

Always remember to set aside time to have special moments with your loved ones! Please share your own romantic stories as well!








2 Responses to “MY 19th Wedding Anniversary!”

  1. kristina said

    you guys make such a beautiful couple. love that you are such a great role model.

  2. Linda said

    Dear Ramona,
    I watch the show faithfully… I think you are a wonderful person with a kind and giving heart. I am so proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. I think your beautiful, smart and a great Mom to Avery. I would appreciate you getting back to me if at all possible. Keep on keepin on Ramona!!

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