Premiere Week!!!

April 6, 2011

This week has been so exciting for me because it is premiere week! The 4th, and best, season of “Real Housewives of New York City”, premieres Thursday, April 7th at 10pm.  Last night, I celebrated the new season by throwing a premiere party at Covet lounge. Sonja, Alex, Kelly and Cindy all came out to celebrate with me, Mario, Avery and my amazing friends! We were sipping on Ramona Pinot Grigio and partying the night away!

I wore a stunning David Meister dress and paired it with a few pieces from my HSN line ( I wanted to look as amazing as I knew the night would be! Bio Supplements were kind enough to do my hair for the event and I have to say that their Silk Gloss shampoo and conditioner were to die for. My hair not only looked great but felt amazing!!


Tomorrow night is going to be extra special as it is not only premiere night but I will also be appearing on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live!’ 100th episode! For such a special night I knew I had to go above and beyond to look my absolute best for my dear friend, Andy!  I decided to do something I haven’t done before and hire a stylist.  I started to work with celebrity stylist Alisa Maria (  to come up with some fabulous looks and she did not disappoint!  We narrowed it down to three before I made my final decision and I am so excited for you all to see!  Below are the three we had it narrowed down to….which do you think I picked??



Don’t forget to watch the premiere of RHONYC tomorrow at 10pm and immediately after tune into “What What Happens Live!” to see if you picked my look!





12 Responses to “Premiere Week!!!”

  1. Pamela Hogan said

    You look gorgeous, as does Avery! Where is Jill? I am not thrilled to see Kelly or Jill, just wondering.

    I look forward to seeing you and Alex this season and truly hope that Jill has changed. After your trip with Alex and Bethenny, I am so done with Kelly. I wish her well but that is all.

  2. Ramona you have made me laugh for 3 seasons. So excited for RHONY Season 4. Check out for Housewives commentary and fun times all season long.

  3. Marie Slack said

    Thank you for 3 years of entertainment. Love the show and look forward to the new shows. I wish you luck, good health and happiness in the future. From what I have seen on trailers,,,,,this year will really zizzle!

    Thanks again,

  4. liz said

    hi Ramona
    luv your blog, and all your up to these days. I am looking forward to seeing your new RHNY. I just really hope that you wise up and get nasty Jill out of your life , she is a toxic horrible person . My favorite episode was when you threw her out of The trip with Alex and Bethanny. That made my day. I applaud you for putting that vile woaman in her place and pray you continue to do so. I love you and Alex and Bethany and am so happy to see that you still have wonderful , honest, true friendships with these REAL PEOPLE. PLEASE DON’T CHANGE girl- you got it going on !! ( you and that hot husband of yours- lol) Keep being you and you will always find success and happiness. Don’t let the fame go to your head OK? Best wishes for you and yours

  5. Alejandra said

    Ramona I saw the premier show, I loved the way you interviwed this girls!! I totally get you!! I think also that people to sensitive and stupid that they take everything as an ofense! Love u!

  6. Angela said

    Ramona, I have to say you are my favorite NYC housewife. I wish you the best and am adding my two cents to say it doesn’t look like Jill has changed much. I hope this season goes well. Have a wonderful week. A

  7. Patricia said

    Dear Ramona: I have never done anything like this before I am about to turn 50 and live in a VERY small town in Washington, but I watch every season, every episode of your show and really enjoy it! You are the sweetest, smartest, funniest, and prettiest of the NYC Housewives. On the first show of the season, what you did in your interviews, I thought was totally appropriate. I love watching you, Alex and Bethenny (I love her new show too!) and sad she is gone. I know you are extremely smart and sharp, but I swear Jill Zarin is going to try her best to make you look bad, she is sneaky, dishonest and in my opinion just a really bad person overall. I don’t believe she has changed one single bit, especially on Andy’s show afterwards, she looked like a “hooker” and you looked very classy. Isn’t she your age or older? So happy you won the poll. The thing that makes me angry about her is she never owns up to anything and the mean, ugly, looks she constantly gives, especially when she thinks no one is looking just makes me ill. You have been right since season one about her, I think she is a
    complete “phony”! I seriously have been thinking, especially after last season, of trying to find a way to get a poll going of the fans demanding that Jill and Kelly BenStupid (or whatever her name is) be taken off the show and that fans not watch until they do, (I know there are thousands of fans who feel the same way) but I wouldn’t want it to affect you or Alex. I don’t know, but I really think those two women are horrible people. In my opinion they are hurtful not only to the show but to bravo and all the fans, where you and Alex are nothing but HELPFUL!!! If Jill and Kelly act anything like they did last season, believe me, I will look into it. They do not deserve to be on the show. Well, I hope this gets to you, I just had to get it out, I have no idea how it works. You have a wonderful, beautiful family and great business and I really admire you. I hope you have a good season, even though I’m sure you’re pretty close to ending filming. It would be great to hear back from you. Keep being you and everything will go your way, always! Sincerely, Patricia

  8. kim farris said

    Love the photos and I felt like I was there having fun with ramona. Very happy to have her site to read and end my day with. Keep up your super spirit ramona!

  9. Casey said

    Hi Ramona,
    Loved you on WWHL! I live in Manhasset on LI. There is a high end wine store here called “Youngs Liqours”. Every weekend they have a wine tasting and a sampling of a new wine. How about trying to showcase your wine? There is a big clientele here and many wine buyers. I would think it would be great to make an appearance here. What do you think?

  10. Emily said


    Watching the first episode when you were interviewing assistants I thought that your next business venture should be career advice! You are such a successful business women and I think my generation could learn a lot from your successes and how to achieve your goals.


  11. Teresa Fuhrman said

    I am late at finishing school, but Ramona inspires me, and I need to know if I can get some “SORT OF” expensive, yet casual clothing. I have a job opportunity in marketing w/ much driving travel at several cities in Baton Rouge. Can I get any nice, semi-casual, semi-fancy clothing donated so I can feel confident before I start working in August, 2011? I hope someone will help me. Thanks, Teresa.

  12. Farrah Knight said

    Ramona, you always look amazing… I just wanted to share my opinion on your hair…I saw some past pic’s of you with your long locks and I really wish you’d grow it back. You looked amazing with longer hair. It was versatile, fun and you wore it well.

    I don’t believe just because a women is not in her 20’s that one can not look great with long hair. I am 32 and still trying to grow out my hair from a horrendous short do I received 2 years ago!

    My best,

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