100th Episode of WWHL!

April 8, 2011

Wow! How crazy was last night?? Did you all enjoy the episode? How about “What What Happens Live!”?  This week has been intense but so much fun! I had such an amazing time celebrating Andy’s 100th episode of WWHL even though Jill and I went at it a little! I am so proud of him and what he has done with the show.

As you know, I hired celebrity stylist Alisa Maria (www.alisamarianow.com) to style me for my appearance as I wanted to look extra special.  I showed you three choices and then at the very last minute we picked a totally different dress!! That’s how things work sometimes.   We chose a beautiful brown David Meister dress with embellishment on the top. David Meister is one of my favorite designers so I was thrilled to wear him and I think Alisa Maria did a wonderful job!  What do you think?





20 Responses to “100th Episode of WWHL!”

  1. Pamela Hogan said

    I loved the show and I am so glad you called Jill on her &*^% stuff. SHE HAS NOT CHANGED!!! And she contradicts herself constantly.

    Look! Here you are talking about Andy and his show; I am sure that is not Jill this morning. Love you Ramona.

  2. Anita V. said

    I think you composed yourself well. Bravo.

  3. Jennifer Leanio said

    LOVE what you wore! I saw the three candidates on Facebook and none of them were right. Good choice!

  4. Laura said

    You looked great! I LOVE that you can laugh at yourself. The clips they put together on Watch What Happens live are hilarious! 🙂

    Looking forward to the new season!

  5. Ann-Marie said

    Loved the dress and the way you look, Ramona. You are the type of person many young women should emulate. You inspire a middle-aged woman like me to strive for better success. I wish I had such a role model when I was entering adulthood.

  6. Heather A said

    You are hilarious!! I love how you got Jill so riled up without even blinking an eye! She is so uptight! You are awesome!

  7. buffyluvscatnip said

    I love that you have a blog apart from what they let your write on bravotv.com blogs. What a great idea!

    I love the brown dress. It was fun to see you and Jill going at it because it made the 100th episode actually interesting and fun to watch. Sometimes the guests are really dull, so thank you for being you and not disappointing!

  8. Melanie said

    I think you are hilarious! Great job of putting Jill in her place! AlePpx was right when she told Jill she was so high school! I mean seriously, look at how she was dressed on Watch what happens live. I think that should sum it up pretty well!

  9. sandy said

    I loved the 100th episode. You were great. Jill is a mean girl

  10. Kessa said

    I love the look and thought the episode was funny

  11. Sheila B said

    Was happy you received the award for your entrepreneurial successeds. I did not notice Bethenny at the event? I thought you remained close friends?

  12. angela renee rogers said

    Ramona, I just love you! You tell it like it is girl! And I think you always look nice. I don’t know HOW you put up with some of those other women!! (eg: Kelly, Jill, etc).
    Tell Andy he should come up with a show called “Gays (or lesbians) of NY” (or somewhere), because Real housewives – half of them aren’t even married!!!

  13. Elisa said

    Love NYC Housewives the best! Watch What Happens with Andy is always a treat. Just have to say, what was Jill thinking with the Madonna outfit?! Please tell me she was going to a costume party. So ridiculous. Did you ever hire an assistant? I was so glad when you told those applicants they need to polish their appearance for an interview. Never in my life would I go to an interview looking like that and so unprepared. I keep asking myself what ever happened to dressing for success. Doesn’t have to be expensive but it can still look put together and professional.

  14. Shamae said

    Hello Ramona,
    I just found your blog, so it will be great to be able to see what you’re up too, other than on The Bravo blog.
    So my best friends and I are coming to NYC on Thursday, and it will be the first time I’ve ever been there. So I’m terribly excited! My three friends and I are going to come to your Pinot grigio signing on Thursday. We all love you on the RHONYC, so we can’t wait to meet you in person (and to try the wine of course!).
    Take care and see you Thursday!


  15. Cheryl Hollister said

    Ramona you are fab I love watching you, you have more personality and compassion than all the other housewives, I’m from south Africa and am now in NYC ! If you need an assistant let me know ha ha seriously live your show!!!!

  16. Sandra said

    You say you were trying to invent yourself last season I say BRAVO. You are a true role model for wome of every age.

  17. Pamela said

    Ramona, how could you not go at it with the likes of Jill? She never ceases to make me say, “gosh, really Jill.” she is such a liar and so unaware of herself.

    Avery is so gorgeous and I can tell she is taking after you. She handles herself beautifully too.
    Love, Pam

  18. Brenda said

    Bravo doesn’t post my comments, so I hope that you read these comments. Based on your newsletter and website it seems that you have embraced your renewed attitude and moved on from Jill; as Bethenny has done. I think Jill is jealous of you and is trying to sabatoge your efforts as she tried to do with Bethenny. Your website is inspiratonal and I hope you have much success with your wine, and jewelry collection. I can’t afford your jewelry, but I will use some of your recipes and plan to get a couple bottles of your wine. I like you.

  19. Juanita Jordan said

    Just watched the Bravo reunion of this season’s RHNY. I must say I can’t imagine why Bravo would consider cancelling the Housewives of NY; it was so entertaining. I want to use this opportunity to address my thoughts on the ladies…Love that Alex has found her voice and is not afraid to use it!…Love you Ramona, you don’t hide emotion, great therapy for us all. Love, Sonya…she has no inhibitions and strikes while the iron is hot, Love Luann…she has a style and class about her though I disliked when she played puppeteer to Jill and Bethany’s breakup…Jill has a mean spirit, Kelly is on hiatus from Kellyland (and faking it), and Cindy is ghetto and brings nothing to the show. I watch to enjoy your homes/decorating and trips to the Hamptons.

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