Avery’s Sweet Sixteen!

June 24, 2011

Hi again everyone! I thought it was time for another blog and wanted share with you one of the amazing parties I threw this past year with my daughter! One of my favorite things to do is entertain! I love to cook, serve my guests and have a great time!!  I like to have both casual evenings with twenty people and large evenings with over two hundred people.  For Avery’s Sweet Sixteen I was very excited to entertain again, but this was especially fun because Avery and I did it together.

Avery was involved in every detail of the planning process! She knew exactly what she wanted and was going to make sure it turned out perfectly. It turned out to be a magical evening.  Avery had two hundred and twenty four people, including two hundred of Avery’s friends and twenty four of my close knit friends that Avery has known her entire life. It was really great to have so many people there who all know and love Avery. It was very important to Avery as well. Of course she wanted all of her friends there but we are a strong family unit and Avery was very excited to have family and family friends surrounding her as well.




The party was held in the 5,000 square foot Midtown Loft with a separate room for the adults. This was nice because the adults were able to be a part of Avery’s special day without being in her face. The theme was Winter Wonderland and the room turned out stunning! Vibe Productions and our fantastic party planner, Stephanie of Seasons of Southhampton, transformed the empty space and worked with Avery to create a perfect look. They brought in all the furniture and electrical fixtures for the event. Everything was white! Even the ceiling decorations looked like icicles. The room shimmered like a wintery forest and we even had a snow machine! As you saw in the episode, both Avery and I were shocked and thrilled with the outcome. It brought tears to my eyes to see how happy she was. This was before the party even started! See photos below of the transformation.





Avery’s invitations were done by Paperstyle. They were beautiful, very professional, very chic and appropriate for her party. The invites were done so quickly and we were more than happy with the result.


The accent color of the party was purple which matched perfectly with Avery’s dress. Avery’s dress was a custom design by Kimberly Towers who also designed my Vow Renewal gown!  Avery was also involved with designing the dress; it turned out stunning. As I said, Avery did not miss on detail on this night. She looked beautiful, as always.


The food was spectacular, there was a sushi bar and a slider station, and the cake was beyond INCREDIBLE! It was one of those cakes that looked too pretty to eat but once you took a taste you couldn’t stop!  The cake was made by Miche Bacher’s Sacred Sweets in Greenport, and was surrounded by other desserts which included mini crème burlees. So yummy!!




Additionally, in lieu of gifts, Avery asked everyone to donate a toy for Toys for Tots that were collected at the party, such a great idea and a perfect way to give back.

One of the best moments of the night included seeing Avery spin with the DJ! She had created an entire playlist for the DJ to play, so the music was perfect for her and her friends to dance to.  No one left the dance floor! (nobody slipped on the snow either!)





I was so proud of Avery at the end of the night as she went up to Stephanie the party planner and said, “thank you for the best night of my life!” Stephanie was so touched and told me what a wonderful young woman Avery was and that she has never received such a ‘thank you’ before. I always knew I raised Avery well. I was so happy to help throw a party for my daughter to celebrate how beautiful, mature and wonderful she is.




27 Responses to “Avery’s Sweet Sixteen!”

  1. AMT said

    Beautiful photos. It looks like Avery had the time of her life. Well done 🙂

  2. jennifer walske said

    Ramona and family, I love the last photo of the three of you. It shows how close you are together. God Bless you!

  3. Pamela said

    Avery is a wonderful girl and it was a wonderful party! You are the best, Ramona.

  4. Tracy said

    Nice photos—looks like it was an amazing time!!! What a sweet thing for Avery to do to have everyone bring a gift to donate–what a big heart she has! 🙂

  5. donna velez said

    dear ramona,wow what a wonderful party you and your husband put to gether for avery.she is a very lucky girl to have such kind and caring parents..looks like everyone had a wonderful time.i was wondering was bethany and her husband able to attend?..well congrats again..just in the process of ordering your skin care line.can wait to receive it.thanks again donna

  6. Yvette said

    love the last picture!! Looks like it was a great celebration!

  7. tweatcyn said

    What a beautiful event for a wonderful young woman. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Caitlin said

    What I found touching was the “Toys for Tots” idea in lieu of gifts. One doesn’t of ten find the urge to think of others in a 16-year-old. The photos are great, Ramona, and Avery is stunning!

  9. You have a beautiful family. I am so proud of the great job you have done with Avery. God Bless you

  10. PJ said

    Avery’s party was beautiful and you were right to stay and supervise. I was shocked by what Kelly said and knew Avery would be upset by it. Kelly is always so mean but is delusional enough to think she is nice. Jill always has something negative to say, who cares what Jill says.

  11. Rhetorica said

    Thanks for sharing Ramona. I’m sure your daughter is maturing so well because you have been a good role model & have kept the lines of communication open.

  12. Laura Lalonde said

    Looks fabulous, Ramona! Avery’s a lucky girl.

  13. P Wo said

    Ramona, you and Mario have made ALL the investments of time in your child…it’s plain to see…..she is a beautiful young woman and you and Mario have every right to be so proud of her. Congratulations!

  14. Kimberly said

    I love the way you are so loving with your daughter and husband!! This was a beautiful event!!

  15. Christina said

    Ramona, Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and details. The third photo down of all three of you is such an amazing family pic of her milestone and one she will charish. A big fan of black and whites especially with the unexpected photos. I love taking photos of moments as they happen. I call them real photos. Props to your photographer, and any people whom may have shared. I bet Avery has some real gems to cherish. The time goes to fast, my eldest son is turning 16 in a few months….where oh where did the years go?

  16. Laney said

    The pictures are amazing. Beautiful family photos, those are my fav , the three amigos!

    Happy Birthday Avery!

  17. wendy said


    Avery is a beautiful girl. Wow! Although I love watching you on NYC Housewives….I think Avery steals the show..she lights up the screen when she’s on, Good job on raising her!

  18. You always want to think you raised your children correctly, but it is icing on the cake to have someone come up and tell you what a wonderful person your child has grown into. Avery is a beautiful girl and by sharing this, you allowed us to see that she is even more beautiful on the inside and that’s where it counts!!!

  19. have a question said

    Hi Ramona, I just signed up for your newsletter and I don’t think I put the right email address. I think I for got to put the well just look at the address when you read the comment. Don’t want to say out loud. Anyways, I went to sign up again in case it said, “try again later system down” was wondering if you can check and also send me the last two news letters. Thanks you rock. (Jill get off her site and mind your business your pathetic trying to make this a competition) sorry Ramona we know she’s looking.

  20. Farrah Knight said

    Avery’s party looked classy and fun. You all look so happy, Avery is a doll. God Bless you!

  21. laurie said

    avery could be a model, she is beautiful! you and mario raised her very well, we can tell by the way she talks and acts. bravo to you and mario and avery!

  22. Beautiful pictures!!! I LOVE the last picture on here with the three of you. Such a beautiful family. Happy Birthday Avery 🙂

  23. Ramona did David show up, the friend all the girls at luch giggled about, if so, is he in any pictures. The reason I asked is because my Dad’s and brother names were David (means beloved of God) Avery have a wonderful time in England, you are a beautiful women and purple IS one of your colors. Blessings always, Rebecca

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