Sonja’s Surprise!

July 8, 2011

Hello everyone! For my next blog post I wanted to talk about last week’s episode and how happy I was to surprise Sonja! Looking back on the evening, I cannot believe I pulled that off! I had just gotten back from a long and exhausting trip to Morocco and only had a week to get everything together for Avery’s Sweet Sixteen. When it came time for yet ANOTHER party, I knew I needed some serious help.  I worked with a fabulous party planner, Arthur Backal who is the party planner of NYC and throughout the states. I was so honored to have the chance to work with him, and WOW how amazing did the space look!? The party was held at Apella, located in the Alexandria Center for Life Science, which overlooked the East River. It was so hip, beautiful and had breathtaking views. How could you go wrong having a party in that space?! The décor was also very cool; the room was dark with purple lighting, which transformed the room into a chic night club. The room was illuminated with candles and lounge chairs for everyone to relax and socialize on. It was a very casual yet fun energy. In another room, we had more music playing and a dance floor so everyone could dance and have a blast!! This is the room where Mario and I showed Sonja the slideshow of us over the years. If you want to view all of those old photos visit my Facebook page.  It’s crazy to think how long Sonja and I have known each other and how far we have come. It was a very sentimental moment for us. My favorite part of the room was of course the silver circular hanging chairs!  So fun to sit in and take pictures on. We all had a blast trying those out.

Before Sonja came to the party, I knew I wanted us to match! I made sure to tell Sonja to dress in silver sequins. I loved the fact that the two birthday girls were glammed up in sparkles!  I thought that was a great touch. Just watching this evening again made me tear up. Regardless, of the hard work it took to put the party together, I’m so happy I did. Nothing gave me more joy than seeing Sonja’s eyes tear up at the surprise. I had all her special friends line up as she walked in to present a white rose to her. This was the moment she realized it was a party for her as well; all the people who lined up were exclusively Sonja’s friends, not mine. She was really touched and felt so loved to be surrounded by everyone who supports her. I really became overwhelmed with emotion when I saw how much it meant to her. Throwing a party for Sonja meant so much more to me than just throwing one for myself. I could not have found a better way to celebrate my birthday other than to share it with Sonja. It was a beautiful party, great food, atmosphere and energy.  I hope you enjoy all of the photos below!


One Response to “Sonja’s Surprise!”

  1. KAT said

    I left this on a previous blog, not realizing how old it was, so here I go again because the Ramona/Avery exchange on last weeks’ show was one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever seen on TV:

    Dear Ramona (and beautiful, beautiful Avery)
    May I admit it? I cried when Avery read her essay to you. I’m a grandmother now and while I did do a pretty good job with my 4 daughters, life is a learning experience and just watching you has given me the motivation to be an even better Grandma. I’ve been SOOOO angry this season watching what those brunette HARPIES have tried to do to you: trying to undermine your reputation with the laughable but still vicious implication that you’re an alcoholic, uncontrollable, inferior Mother and wife. HA!! Their poorly thought out plan backfired; how could any of that be true when we see that you’re a successful businesswoman, beloved and loving wife, and the most committed Mother ever to be shown on a TV show? “The proof is in the pudding” and with Avery proclaiming to the world how much she loves and is loved by you, (something NO 16 yr. old would do for ANY reason other than her own desire to do so), I think we all know who wins “THE MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD”. Countless would do well to spend a weekend or better yet, a couple of days during the week, since weekends are the only times she spends with her kids, and shadow you for a bit. Where does that biatch get off implying that her parenting skills are superior to yours?As I said, the proof is in the pudding.
    You’re not just a role model to Avery Ramona, you’re a role model to all of us but especially all of the young women out there who think marrying well is the key to their happiness. Even with a successful marriage, you help women understand that true security is something we need to achieve for ourselves. You’re the favorite Housewife in this household; even my eldest granddaughter thinks you’re the “coolest” and you send a message to her that I thank you for. A piece of advice? Don’t be taken in by Jill anymore. She can’t stand your success and is so incredibly shallow and materialistic. She fawns over the Countless with her fake title and if she truly cared for her BFF Kelly, she’d try to gently guide her toward the therapy she so obviously needs. Instead, with no regard for the damage she can be doing, she uses and exploits this fragile woman to increase the numbers on her “team” yuck!
    Thank you for allowing us into your life: for making me laugh & for making me cry (in a good way). My love to your precious, beautiful Avery and forgive me, but Mario’s HOT!!!!
    With love and respect,

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