My Greatest Inspiration: Avery

July 14, 2011

Hello again everyone! Thank you to everyone on my Facebook and Twitter for the compliments about my lovely daughter, Avery. Her letter made me emotional, the episode made me emotional and then my fans made me emotional!


Avery is my biggest love and best accomplishment in my life. I knew I did my job well when she told me she wrote her paper about how I’m her biggest role model. I’m very fortunate that I work for myself, it allows me to make myself very available to Avery in my working schedule. Of course sometimes it means making several calls while I’m with her, but it beats being stuck in an office from 9AM to 6PM where I’d never have her by my side.

I’ve never been more overwhelmed with emotion than when Avery read her paper to me. Because I’m on television, I hear many opinions about me from fans of the show, tabloids and even from the other women in RHONY in the media. The only opinion that really matters most to me is Avery’s. Therefore, hearing how much she looks up to me and how proud she is of me makes me feel on top of the world! I am really honored to be able to share with you Avery’s full report below.

On Her Own

By Avery Singer

Most people have significant friends or family members that make an impact on their life, and other people look up to singers, actors, politicians, or significant figures that make a difference in the world. Everyone has a role model that a person looks up to and strives to emulate. I am lucky to have several role models whom I respect and would want to be like. However, if I had to choose one person as my role model, it would be my mother. Her life story is so amazing, and she is a true example of a person who started with nothing. Over the years I have learned more about her life, and I could not think of a better person whom I hope to be like. Despite not having a great childhood, she persevered and promised herself that she could have a better life when she was older. Her story inspires me to believe that one can achieve one’s dreams if he/she believes in oneself and remains optimistic. She wanted to be successful and make her own money, which is a lesson she always drills into my head. She is my role model because she became successful on her own, and she is a great mother and wife.

My mother’s scaring childhood and her determination to get past it and succeed helped shape her into the woman she became today. She grew up in upstate New York and was the eldest of four kids. She took care of her sisters and brother, cleaned the house, cooked for the family, sewed her own clothes, did the dishes, and was always there to help her mom. Her family lived in Staatsburg, which my mother likes to call the middle of nowhere, and she tells me that the woods were her backyard. Her father was a hunter, and he was an engineer for IBM. She had her own room unlike her siblings who shared rooms, and she read constantly because it was her way to escape from her life. Her childhood was filled with horrible memories of her father and of her family running from him. Her father was an alcoholic who was physically and emotionally abusive to everyone in the household, especially to my grandmother. He would usually come home late after work, and my mom describes that my grandfather had two sides two him: the nice loving daddy side and the monster. Every night there would be tension in the house waiting for my grandfather to come home to see which side he would be that night.  My mom describes her home as a battlefield. Her mother always told my mom the importance to make one’s own money, so my mom could never be placed in this situation like my grandmother was. If my mother was unhappy in her marriage, she could always leave and not be trapped because she could financially support herself. She always knew there was a better life waiting for her, and she intended on achieving it. She did not let her tortured childhood affect her future; however, her childhood made her very driven to succeed in life. My mother put herself through college at FIT in New York City and received a bachelor’s degree in business.  She was the only one from her family to finish college and to make a good life for herself.

After my mother graduated from college, she worked as a buyer for Macy’s for several years, and she eventually created her own business called RM Fashions. She became very successful and was able to support herself without relying on anyone else, which her mother hoped for my mom to achieve. However, after 20 years in closeout business, my mother soon realized that the business model was changing, and it started to not be as prosperous with the strained economy. She realized that she had to begin to recreate her career and take on other businesses as well that would be more successful financially. My father has a fourth generation jewelry business, and he would sell his jewelry to stores. My mother decided with my father to develop a .com site,, as many people were starting to shop online. She then developed her own jewelry collection for the site which became successful quickly. With her new found passion of designing jewelry, she cold called the Senior VP of HSN and requested a meeting with him. Now three years later, she has an established diamond and semi-precious jewelry line of art deco inspired jewelry that is exclusive on HSN. Her newest venture is Ramona Pinto Grigio from Italy. She developed this idea because people would reach out to her repeatedly to ask what her favorite pinot grigio was. My mother liked a lot of pinot grigos; however, there was nothing she loved. She would change her brand every three months; therefore, she decided to develop her own pinot grigio; it recently launched two months ago and has become an immediate success. My mother still has her business RM Fashions, but she now primarily focuses on her now launched pinot grigio and her jewelry lines. My mom always tells me, “When you multi task, you do the most important things first, and the rest you can take care of later.” This idea refers to all her different businesses, but it is a good lesson in life. A couple years ago, my mom decided to do a skin care line called Tru Renewal, but she decided to put it on hold and focus more on her jewelry and wine. Now with these businesses being very successful, she has revamped her skin care line and is now

looking to sell it in different spas and Sephora. She has proven to me that one is never too old to start another career and to try new business ideas. My mother is now starting from the ground up, and it is exciting to watch her succeed. She is so intelligent and is always thinking two steps ahead for business. I hope to learn all her secrets one day, and how she is able to handle multi-businesses.  I wish that I will become half as good at business as my mother.

In addition to being a great business woman, my mom is also a great mother and wife. She is the first person I would approach when needed, and I know no matter what it is she will comfort me and tell me everything will be okay. My mother is always there to listen to me, and I feel that our mother daughter relationship is very rare and special. We usually have weekly sessions when she will lie down with me in my bed, and we just talk about school, friends, things that are bothering me, etc. I know my mother will do anything for me to help me succeed in life and only wants the best for me. She values and respects my opinion dearly and is always open to my own business suggestions. For example, I gave her the idea for her to start doing bottle signings for her pinot grigio, which has now become a hit. She has been to different states, and there are people lining out the store’s doors to meet her. She takes care of my dad and me before taking care of herself. She plans my doctors’ visits and reminds my dad to go to his before she would ever think of going to hers.  She does everything for this family, and I never really express how much I am thankful for her. Without her, our family would be lost. She is beautiful, intelligent, loving, and, to me, perfect. Her story brings me hope that one can achieve anything despite one’s background and age. I love her, and I am so thankful that she is my mother. I love you mommy.




How fabulous was Sonja’s burlesque party?!?! We had the best time! The fun started way before the party when Sonja, Avery and I went shopping for outfits.  Avery really enjoys Sonja’s company, and it was such a fun store to go to! It was a perfect girl trip. We all tried on different things, and it was a lot of fun! I had really planned on wearing something more conservative to the party that I already had, but being in the store I found myself getting more into the spirit of Sonja’s burlesque party. So, with the help of Avery, we found a great bustier, lace leggings, and a short feather skirt I felt good in the ensemble and, most of all, my daughter gave me her approval!

Sonja needs some fun and joy in her life and I’m so happy she threw this party. Her performance was fantastic! I wish they had shown the whole thing. I was so proud of her and you could really tell how free she was while performing!


Til next time…



18 Responses to “My Greatest Inspiration: Avery”

  1. I love the act that you motivate women to not rely in no one but herself to get ahead. You are real, you are honest and I admire you for that.

  2. karina said

    Love you Ramona and Averys paper was very touching.

  3. Pamela said

    Wow Ramona! I did not hear the entire paper. It was very well written and that is rare these days. No one knows the rules anymore, or they don’t care – one of those things. Never before is it more clear exactly what you have done and how you do it. Wonderfully inspiring paper.
    Love, Pam

  4. Renee Simon said

    What a lovely daughter you have Ramona! It’s obvious that you are her role model! I see that you told Avery to take out the part about your age, don’t you think that was a little immature? Even at your age, you still look better and are hotter than any of the other NY housewives!!

    Love, Renee

  5. jennifer woodard said

    Having grown up in an abusive alcoholic family, I know how difficult it is to put the memories aside and focus on the positive. You have become a success Ramona and deserve all of the congratulations! I also have aspired to become a wonderful mother to my daughter (my mother was the abuser). It is a great feeling to know that we have done better, much better, and our daughters are our greatest gifts. You inspire many. Always remember that! xo Jen

  6. Paige said

    What a nice way to honor you, Ramona! You should be very proud!

  7. Nicole said

    That paper was beautiful.. I have so much more respect for you, ( I had a lot before) but what a childhood… You have a great girl!!!.

  8. Michelle S. said

    As a teacher, I can say with some degree of expertise that Avery’s paper is incredibly impressive! It is rare that a girl of Avery’s age would be able to express her feelings about her mother so openly. I am a huge RHONYC fan and I love watching your relationship with your daughter. It’s inspiring and reminds me to be more attentive with my daughter.

    Love you Ramona!
    Michelle S.

  9. KAT said

    Ahhhhh, this is where it belongs. Forgive me for already posting it but I was incredibly moved by Avery. Avery, one day you may have a daughter and then you’ll realize what a truly remarkable gift you gave to your Mom. You’ve renewed my faith in today’s teens. Bless you sweetheart.

    Dear Ramona (and beautiful, beautiful Avery)
    May I admit it? I cried when Avery read her essay to you. I’m a grandmother now and while I did do a pretty good job with my 4 daughters, life is a learning experience and just watching you has given me the motivation to be an even better Grandma. I’ve been SOOOO angry this season watching what those brunette HARPIES have tried to do to you: trying to undermine your reputation with the laughable but still vicious implication that you’re an alcoholic, uncontrollable, inferior Mother and wife. HA!! Their poorly thought out plan backfired; how could any of that be true when we see that you’re a successful businesswoman, beloved and loving wife, and the most committed Mother ever to be shown on a TV show? “The proof is in the pudding” and with Avery proclaiming to the world how much she loves and is loved by you, (something NO 16 yr. old would do for ANY reason other than her own desire to do so), I think we all know who wins “THE MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD”. Countless would do well to spend a weekend or better yet, a couple of days during the week, since weekends are the only times she spends with her kids, and shadow you for a bit. Where does that biatch get off implying that her parenting skills are superior to yours?As I said, the proof is in the pudding.
    You’re not just a role model to Avery Ramona, you’re a role model to all of us but especially all of the young women out there who think marrying well is the key to their happiness. Even with a successful marriage, you help women understand that true security is something we need to achieve for ourselves. You’re the favorite Housewife in this household; even my eldest granddaughter thinks you’re the “coolest” and you send a message to her that I thank you for. A piece of advice? Don’t be taken in by Jill anymore. She can’t stand your success and is so incredibly shallow and materialistic. She fawns over the Countless with her fake title and if she truly cared for her BFF Kelly, she’d try to gently guide her toward the therapy she so obviously needs. Instead, with no regard for the damage she can be doing, she uses and exploits this fragile woman to increase the numbers on her “team” yuck!
    Thank you for allowing us into your life: for making me laugh & for making me cry (in a good way). My love to your precious, beautiful Avery and forgive me, but Mario’s HOT!!!!
    With love and respect,

  10. Ramona,

    I too was most impressed and deeply touched by the gratitude you received in the paper your daughter, Avery, had written for a class assignment.
    I love seeing you interact with your family. The way the media portrays the American family anymore is sad. Let’s hope what is written is not always true.
    For one thing seeing you and your husband working, communicating, socializing, and parenting together is an enormous challenging in itself and you both get in there and do it well. Be proud of what you have there.
    I am glad the New York Housewife’s is still running. Your show and the Jersey Housewife’s are the only two that I have cared for. I wonder if it has anything to do with “location”. And, by that I mean the Eastern part of the country is a little more independent and seems to be more secure in their life.
    Take care. Best wishes to you and your family. I do enjoy reading bout your everyday life. I thank you for that!


  11. Lisa said

    Beautiful family. I find you to be an authentic person and enjoy your scenes so much. You appear to be a fantastic mother and your daughter WILL be a better person for all of the time you spend with her. You are so right about that.

  12. Ellen said

    Avery: What a great, great gift you have given to your mother. The love you have for her is a reflection of that she has for you. You are a lovely young lady.

    Ramona: Your story is an inspiration. Sadly, I came from the same background you did. I am haunted still by it but try to overcome. We also share this: we each have one beautiful daughter who loves us very much. So, we must be doing something right!

    All the best to you three, always.

  13. Carla Hoffner said

    You have a beautiful daughter inside and out. She is your greatest acheivement and you and your hubby should be very proud. I think you are a fabulous mother.

  14. MSU Chicago said

    Ramona, you are awesome! Reading the entire paper that Avery wrote about you brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to come and post a response on your blog after watching the first part of the Reunion Show. The blondes are the best (this coming from a brunette who gets her hair colored auburn)! You were nothing but class this season. I enjoyed watching you and Sonja this past season. I hope that next year they bring you, Sonja and Alex back. Screw the others, especially the dry drunk Jill. I hope to see you next season and keep being exactly who you are. I loved you since Season 1! Obviously, I have good taste!!

  15. Erin said

    Hi Ramona! You are my favorite housewife! xoxox

  16. […] makes Ramona Singer tick as a woman and mother. And bless her heart, Ramona was kind enough to post this oeuvre to herself on her website. As a service, we bring you her essay below (printed without permission, don’t be mad […]

  17. Pamela said

    Ramona, you are so blessed with Avery. I have ALWAYS liked her very much! Mario is the greatest too. Great family! Are we going to see more of Avery on “the show”? She always adds fun when she is on.
    I agree with Avery about Sonja. I was stating right out loud to the TV last night, when Sonja took a meeting with that housewife (what is her NAME?) and her “team”. Sonja was not happy with the so-called experts in front of her, neither was I. I said to the TV (Sonja), CALL RAMONA!!! I hope we will see that Sonja did just that.
    Love, Pam

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