My Favorite Fan Moments of Summer 2011

September 28, 2011

Hello again! I can’t believe its Fall. How did that happen so quickly? Many of you know that this past Summer I had my first wine tour for Ramona Pinot Grigio and it was a HUGE success!  It was such an honor to be able to travel across the country and meet all of my fans. I was welcomed with open arms and got to experience places I may have not been able to otherwise. All of my moments with the fans were special to me. Seeing everyone happy to see me made me happy to see them!!! Ha! But some moments were truly UNFORGETTABLE!  Here were some of my favorites!

Back in May, I flew into Westborough, MA. Little did I know that TORNADOES were about to hit!!! I was fearful that we would have to cancel the signing and I was torn up about it. Not only did we decide to proceed , but it ended up being one of my best turnouts ever! I couldn’t believe the dedication of my fans to make it out to see me in such awful weather. We had such a great time. It was like our own little tornado party and everyone was safe! I’ll never forget it.

It was so great being able to travel all over the East Coast and getting to meet my fans who are relatively close to my home. A special trip was to Newport, RI as Mario attended with me! I was a participant in the Food and Wine Festival but also managed to do two signings. All I can say is, “Wow”. The signings were scheduled last minute and you still all came out! At Vicker’s we did something a little different and had the signing outside. It was a beautiful day and so unique as I had not done that before. If there was any place to choose to do an outdoor signing it was beautiful Newport!








I left the East Coast to travel down South to Texas and it is really different…but amazing! I had fans on Facebook and Twitter giving me suggestions of where to go and what to do. You were my own little travel agents! Per all of your suggestions, I went shopping at the Houston Galleria and it was spectacular. While I was trying on clothes at Neiman Marcus, one of the salesgirls brought me a glass of Pinot Grigio without even asking! How funny?!? The Texas signings were unreal. We sold out of all of the cases at both Kroger stores and it was humbling to hear the cheers when I entered. After Texas, I flew to the West coast and did an Orange Country and Los Angeles signing. I met this great group of girls which turned out to be one of my favorite photos! One fan bought a couple of bottles and said, “I told my girlfriends, ‘I’m bringing Ramona with me!’”, as she held up my wine!


It’s a gift enough to see all my fans come out to meet me but someone of you actually make things for me! I have them displayed in my home. These two stood out. A picture board and a Turtle Time clock that I keep in my living room!

Besides finishing up filming and concluding my tour this summer, my fans that I did not get to meet posted some very insightful and smart things on my Facebook and Twitter page. Melissa Worley-Cox recommended something that I still use to this day- a “Gratitude Journal”. At the end of your day, write down 5 things that you are grateful for. Nothing negative or upsetting! ONLY the positive should go in the journal and then once completed you will have such a peaceful sleep and you will be left with a good feeling beyond compare! Trust me, this works!!!!

My fans and supporters are always on my list as things I am most grateful for.  Thanks again! I’m excited to have a great Fall, start filming again and keep traveling to meet more and more of you!




3 Responses to “My Favorite Fan Moments of Summer 2011”

  1. amyjohn6 said

    Ramona, So happy you will still be on RHONY this season. Wish they would have kept Alex and gotten rid of the Countess! I hope to some day be able to go to one of your signings. Best of everything to you. Your a wonderful Women, and a great inspiration.

  2. If you had it like this said

    Where’s your R.Land Turtle art??

  3. Ramona, I certainly enjoyed meeting you today in Dennis on beautiful Cape Cod. Your wine is very tasty and surprisingly well-priced. Can you tell Andy that we’re very interested in a Real Housewives of Cape Cod, please? It would be the perfect opportunity to show that Real Housewives who are talented and interesting aren’t only found in major cities.
    Thanks for coming! You looked very relaxed…even more youthful than on tv.
    Remember,Ramona, not Turtle Time but Cape Cod time!

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