Sweet Avery Turns 17!

May 24, 2012

Wow. What a crazy few months it has been! Getting ready for the new season of RHONYC to premiere June 4th, planning my Summer Ramona Pinot tour schedule and doing it all while trying to keep my emotions together watching Avery blossom!

May was a big month for Avery. She turned 17! I think I was in denial the weeks leading up to her birthday. My precious little girl is now a beautiful, smart young woman preparing to go off to college next year.  I could not help but grow nostalgic and tortured myself by looking at old baby pictures!

























We wanted to make it a very special night but Avery gave us a curfew! She had ACT and AP tests to study for. Sometimes I wonder if I raised TOO responsible of a daughter (just kidding!).  We all went to Il Riccio which is our favorite neighborhood restaurant and Avery brought her best girlfriends. We had a little family photo shoot before heading out…Coco included!
























Avery loves the cakes from Crumbs bakery so I surprised her by getting her birthday cake from there…in the shape of a huge cupcake! It was so cute!

























As if Avery turning 17 wasn’t emotional enough, May was also the month she went to her first prom.  As any girl does, Avery wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. She helped design her dress with Kimberly Towers and it came out stunning!!

But then there was just one little problem. Avery had planned on going to prom with her good friend, Luke.  Two days before prom, Luke found out he had a states tennis match and would miss all of pre prom and most of prom! Panic mode. Avery started calling friends but they all had sports commitments. It was the rare time she was wishing boys weren’t  athletic! She eventually spoke to her friend Ethan and they decided to go together. Ethan did not have a tux or anything! But it all worked out. The pre prom was hosted at a private estate and about 250 people were in attendance to take photos of all of our children. Everyone looked so beautiful and handsome!

Taking this photo of Avery and Mario was so touching for me. You can see them both so lost in the moment and it really reminded how lucky I am to be able to witness such a special father/daughter bond.

It was a big month for Avery. I could not be more proud of who she has become and who she strives to be.  It’s hard to watch her grow up but I know Mario and I must be doing something right.

Til next time…