My birthday is November 18th, and this year it fell on a Friday.  I first celebrated with my husband, Mario, the evening before my birthday when he took me out for a special romantic dinner at one of New York’s finest restaurants, One if by Land, Two if by Sea.  We enjoyed one another’s company over candlelight and delicious food and shared some special one-on-one time together.  I could not have asked for a sweeter birthday dinner.  What made it even sweeter was reading the beautiful sentiment in his birthday card to me.  I cherish cards from my loved ones, and Mario never fails to pick the loveliest most heart-felt ones! This year his birthday card to me made me cry! I’ve decided to share his words here in my newsletter because I’m still gushing!    






On Friday afternoon I hosted a special luncheon at one of my favorite restaurants on the Upper East side called Bar Italia.  Over twenty of my best lady friends joined me to celebrate for an afternoon of yummy Italian food, Ramona Pinot Grigio, dancing, and other fun birthday festivities. It’s really so touching to see all of your close friends come out to celebrate with you.  I’ve been friends with some of these women since we were teenagers and young adults! We used to take New York City by storm (still do, I think!), and have shared such memories together.  We’re still making memories and proving that we can still have a blast and put our dancing shoes on!   




One of my dearest friends, Marla, surprised me with the most outstanding birthday cake I think I’ve ever seen! Move over Cake Boss and get a load of this!  



Marla put so much thought into helping design this cake, masterfully made by Heather Barranco Dreamcakes.  The outside of the cake is decorated with pieces of my True Faith Jewelry and Ramona Singer Jewelry – all edible, of course! And, it’s hard to miss the unbelievable life-size Ramona Pinot Grigio bottle sitting on top.  Doesn’t it look just like the actual bottle? It’s made out of hard sugar.  This cake is truly art! I was shrieking with joy and awe when I saw it.


All of my friends went in on a fabulous birthday present for me – this stunning clutch. Don’t you love the bling and embellishments! To die for.   


Really the best part of the afternoon was enjoying the company of my friends.  Birthdays are the best.  The greatest excuse to bring everyone together in celebration!




Over the weekend, I enjoyed some quiet family time with Avery and Mario. We are such a tight-knit little trio and they are what I am most thankful for.   



Where do I begin? A lot of my time leading up to the premiere was spent with the ladies doing all sorts of fun things. We all came together for the Us Weekly Summer  TV issue. My 

wonderful make up artist, Maya Shapiro, spent the day with me. I don’t know how I would do some of these appearances without her. I think I do my make up well but whenever Maya does it Avery can tell right away. She’s amazing! 


 make up pre reunion































The day of the shoot was also Lu’s birthday so it was nice that we were all together to be able

 to have a little mini celebration with cake, champagne and Ramona Pinot Grigio!!








Mario and I added some beautiful new pieces to our TrueFaithJewelry.comcollection that you 

will be seeing me wear on this season. We did a photo shoot together for the new pieces and had a great time working together, even if we bickered back and forth a bit lol. We even fit in a Turtle Time shot too!



A couple of days before the premiere, the press rounds started and Sonja, Lu and I spent a couple of days together visiting Good Morning America, Vh1 Morning Buzz, New York Live, People and more! We are just like family, we don’t always like each other but we love each other. We actually had a really great time together!





Somehow in the midst of all of this, Sonja and I planned a premiere party! LOL We co-hosted 

at the Serafina Upper West Side location and wow, what a hit! We had the best time 

celebrating what is sure to be the best season yet surrounded by wonderful friends and family!














Somewhere between the premiere craziness and the Ramona Pinot Grigio Tour craziness, Mario, Avery and I took some time off and escaped to the Hamptons together. It was a long weekend full of gardening, lounging by the food and great food!