Aspen 2012

August 3, 2012

Hello again and Happy August! I can’t believe we are already in the last month of Summer. I’m feeling a little sad , because not only is Summer ending, but Avery is about to enter her Senior year of high school! Enjoying the time while I can!

While Avery was away at a college prep Summer program, Mario and I escaped to Colorado! I must take a moment to express my condolences to all of those affected by the tragedy in Aurora. We were only 10 miles away when we woke up to the news. Such a mindless and horrific act. My heart goes out to the families and I pray for justice and peace for all of you.

A rough transition, but Mario and I were spending a night in Denver for a wine appearance I had at Applejack’s . It got us pretty used to the altitude before we started all of our hikes in Aspen! We stayed with some dear friends of ours and they kept us active! We started off with a hike to the top Smuggler’s Mountain. Everybody was in shock I was not out of breath but I was ready to go!



































I can’t say I was as lucky on our next hike. It was a two hour ,completely upwards hike in the blasting sun. After one hour, I was melting!! I walked to the road and stopped a Jeep that was driving up.  I begged for a ride and they were more than happy to oblige! I jumped in the small backseat with the dog and thanked heavens I didn’t have to walk anymore! Lol

Walking through Hunter Creek was much more up my alley. It was more of a straight path that went through the village, surrounded by trees and ponds. It really was beautiful. May have been one of my favorite parts of the trip!









Maroon Bells was definitely the highlight of the trip. They are some of the most beautiful mountains in North America. They have buses that go up the mountain because it is a tough hike. We decided we wouldn’t kill ourselves so we jumped on the bus and then hiked to the craters. Not Mario. The he-man that he is insisted on taking the completely upward trail on and he biked the whole way. They don’t suggest doing it unless you are in good shape. I was proud of him but I certainly wasn’t going to try it! I did bike Woody Creek though! But on the way down it started to rain so the taxis, full equipped with bike racks, took our bikes and we drove back down!





















It wasn’t all tough hikes. We had some good food, great company and relaxation! I love Aspen more in the Summer than I do the winter. The temperatures are so nice and refreshing. It will get warm in the sun in the afternoon but by evening you can throw on a light sweater and sit in front of the fire which me and my friend Elyse definitely did!

Two of my favorite meals were our last night at the Cache Cache Bistro and our three hour lunch at the Ritz! You know you are lucky when you are able to sit down with a group of friends for 3 hours and just laugh the whole time.

































It really was a great vacation but we were thrilled to get home and pick up our Avery at the airport. We whisked her away to the Hamptons for the next couple of weeks. We need to catch up on family time…Coco included!

Stay tuned!