Fashion Week 2012

October 8, 2012


I had the pleasure of going to the most amazing shows, meeting designers backstage (Pamella RolandBonkuk Koo), supporting dear friends (Gretchen Rossi) and charities near and dear to my heart (Cantor FitzgeraldBottomless Closet), and got to listen to some talented artists (EstelleShontelle).


bonkuk koo 

 gretchen christine 





During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week I went to Pamella Roland’s Fashion Show at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center and later that week I spent time with Kirstie Alley at The Stage at Lincoln Center. I saw beautiful pieces on the runway. It was really wonderful to support all the designers Spring 2013 collections.






Spring 2013 Fashion Show: Some Favorites




I really enjoy going to the fashion shows and looking at the clothing. I always take notes on the trends! There is something just really exciting about all of Fashion Week. The energy of the people, the models, the crowds, the art of it all! It reminds of when I was younger and getting excited for Santa! There is a magic to it! Thanks to all the people who help put these shows together, the models who walk the runway, and the designers who bring their dreams to the runway!



Bonkuk Koo:When I arrived to Bonkuk Koo Fashion Show I was so hungry so I headed to the café next door and got myself some oatmeal and coffee. I mean really, I could not believe the noises my stomach was making. I was so thankful I did. When I returned back to the event I walked inside to get seated and saw the JAVA Monster Energy Drink girls were there. We had a sip of some JAVA and snapped some pictures, and then I made my way to my front row seat. After I sat, waiting for the show to begin there was a little surprise of entertainment. Singer Estelle walked out on stage and sang American Boy. She got the crowd really excited. I just couldn’t wait for the show to begin. Then finally the lights dimmed and out started the first model, I heard nothing but “Ooh’s” “and “Ahh’s”. The collection was really fantastic. After the show I headed backstage and congratulated the models and Bonkuk on his fabulous work.




Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund’s Charity Day

After Bonkuk Koo I headed to the next event  for the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund Event. I have the pleasure of supporting the organization each year. I made three trades at Cantor! 1 for $100 mil, 1 for $250 mil and 1 for $750 mil! I was sooo excited and overwhelmed! Such a great cause!


 Ramona and LuAnn Cantor Benefit



September 12, 2012

Highlight: Elle 360/ Real Fashion Real WomenRunway Show at The Empire Hotel Rooftop Benefitting Bottomless Closet. Hosted By Derek Warburton





One of the highlights of New York Fashion Week was being able to make it to The Empire Hotel Rooftop. I was in Connecticut during the day promoting Ramona Pinot Grigio and originally I did not think I would be able to make the show. Side Note: To all the supportive fans who showed up in Branford, CT, big thanks to you! You were all glowing with excitement, welcoming, and kind to me. You really made the visit a good time for me!





I got on the train after finishing in Branford, CT and as luck would have it the show got pushed back 15 minutes. It was just enough time to get back into New York City and support The Real Fashion Real Women Runway Show benefitting Bottomless Closet which helps disadvantaged women in New York become self sufficient and provides them with resources to gain employment, financial management, and personal enrichment. My favorite part of the show was watching the real women of Bottomless Closet walk onto stage. They strutted down the runway with confidence and poise. Afterwards there was an open bar and I provided Ramona Pinot Grigio for all the guests of the evening to enjoy. It was a great time!




 ramona derek 








Special congratulations to Derek Warburton and to all the Real Women Runway Models of Bottomless Closet. The Fashion Show turned was very successful and I am proud to have helped partner with my Ramona Pinot Grigio.