Reliving Aspen 2013

April 16, 2013

Hello there! I hope you are all doing well. Its been a few weeks since my Spring Break in Aspen but I like taking a little time before I look at the photos because its like I’m reliving the trip and it’s a nice little break from the work week.

This was the first year Avery went on her own Spring Break as she is now almost 18 years old. I guess this is what I have to get used to now right? I can’t believe it’s a matter of a couple of months before she is off to college. Mario and I went to Aspen on our own and we did have an incredible time together. That is what we’ll have to cherish while Avery is gone!


As if NYC was not getting enough snow, Mario and I jetted off to Aspen to meet with some of our closest friends.  We got there just in time to celebrate St Patty’s Day! We bought all of our silly gear and headed out to dance the night away. It was the perfect start to our vacation!



While I love lounging on beaches on my vacations I love being active as well! Mario and I did a lot of skiing!  Here we are all ready on Snow Mass Mountain. Afterwards we would head to Sky Bar for some unwinding and always met some great people!


aspen1  aspen12


aspen13  aspen4



There was a ton of snow in Aspen. So much that sometimes there simply was not any visibility to ski. Those were the days I tried to just relax and enjoy the beauty I was surrounded by that you just don’t’ get to enjoy in the city.

aspen10 aspen13



I took a couple of days to just walk around and enjoy Aspen. Explore a little. I loved the homes I came across. From tiny eclectic ones to homes so big they wouldn’t fit on my phone camera! There is so much character all around.

aspen11    aspen3



During the last couple of days I made sure to get as much skiing in as possible. Especially with my best friend Marla as we hit Ajax!



We opened the trip with St Pattys Day and ended it with a Mexican Fiesta! It was such a great trip and Avery had a blast on her own trip. But I have to admit…I can’t wait for our next vacation as the little Trifecta we are!