Fall into a New Chapter

September 17, 2013

Hello again! Well, it appears we have reached the end of summer. I love a lot of things about Fall. The crisp weather, the beauty in NYC parks and of course New York Fashion Week! But, its still hard to leave behind the beautiful warm days out on the water with friends, family and Turtle Time! Luckily, Turtle Time works in all seasons!

The transition of seasons was especially hard this year as Mario and I sent Avery off to college.  It had been a very emotional time getting ready to send our only ‘baby’ off on her own but we began to look at all the positives. We are so proud of Avery and everything she has accomplished. She worked very hard all through her school career and we know she will continue to thrive. College is a time to grow, learn about yourself and have many new experiences. We can’t wait to head down to Atlanta for Parents Weekend and hear all of her stories thus far!

 Mario and I also realized this could a special time for us and our marriage.  Now that Avery is at college there is a lot less every day stress and worry. We can now spend some time focusing on the two of us with special dinners and nights together. Even some nights apart for personal time. The other day Mario was watching sports in one room and I was dancing and cleaning in the other lol. When focusing on the positive, it makes the life transition easier on us. But we did perfect our FaceTime skills just so we can still squeeze in our family time (when Avery allows for it!).  

I appreciate all of your support during this time. Everyone’s messages and tweets from those who have gone through this process already or were going through it for the first time same as me, was so wonderful to read. You guys are the absolute best!


So, its time to embrace this season change and all that comes with it.

Til next time..



2 Responses to “Fall into a New Chapter”

  1. Lori Hardwick said

    You are an inspiration, Ramona. I always look forward to your posts and cannot wait for the new season of RHNY to begin! Until then, turtle on! xoxo Lori


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