Decorating for Christmas

December 19, 2013

Hello, again! It’s the holiday season and I LOVE it! This year feels just a bit more special since Avery has been at college and we are so thrilled to have her home! I struggled a bit this year as to how to decorate my New York apartment and I wanted to share some tips.

We always spend our Christmas week at our Hamptons home. That is where we put up all of our decorations and most importantly our big, beautiful, decorated tree!! But it doesn’t feel like the Christmas season if I don’t have some touches of the holidays around my NYC apartment. While I went minimal this year, I still think it works!!

I am a big fan of my little Santas! I put them throughout my home and not one of them is the same. It will always feel like Christmas with Santa around.

photo 4photo 1 (1)


To  break up the Santas I also add in wooden soldiers and little Christmas trees and bows on my wall sconces.

photo 2photo 3photo


One of my favorite things about decorating for this season is the poinsettas. I put one right at my entrance and another in the center of the home.

photo 5


Lastly, I pull some greenery and garland to drape over mirrors.

photo 1 (2)


It took me about five minutes to get it all set and it gets the job done! Christmas is in the air at the Singer home. What are some of your decorating tips?

Don’t forget to share with me your favorite personal moments of 2013. I will pick my favorites to feature in my next blog!




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