New Season…. New Beginnings

April 6, 2015


Dear All,

I am so happy to return to season 7 of RHONY. I can’t believe it !!!!
This season will be about the three f’s: feisty, fun and of course lots of fights !
Nothing gets too dark though. We all go to a deeper level with our friendships, well,
at least some of us do. I know I have become humble with what happened with the ending of my marriage. My walls are dropped and I show myself more. I am more receptive to what is happening around me. I am a work in progress and excited for my new beginnings.

I leave you guys with my tagline for season 7


One Response to “New Season…. New Beginnings”

  1. Pamela said

    Ramona, I was devastated to hear of your marriage. I hope you are being treated well. There is nothing more humbling than to find out something in your life failed but it sounds as though you are learning something from it and that is what it is for; no one leaves this earth unscathed. Looking forward to checking in on you this season. Love, Pam

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