Mario, Avery and I all went to Newport Rhode Island for a week-long family vacation recently.

I had never been to Newport before and didn’t know what to expect. Upon arriving we were all staggered by the remarkable beauty and rich history of the town!

We joined my great friend and her family on her 150ft  yacht for our 6 day trip.  We were docked at 41N, which has a great hotel and restaurants inside and out. The outside restaurant played fabulous music and had an incredible almost life-size chess set which Avery and Mario enjoyed.

Mario and Avery playing Chess. Look at the size of the pieces!!

The best experience for us was doing the Cliff Walk. In fact it was so much fun we did it twice! We would start out on the very top by the ocean and huge cliffs, which was actually similar to hiking in Aspen. The views were so spectacular and so were the homes!!

Cliff walk.

View from the cliff walk.

We had the opportunity to tour a local landmark – The  breathtaking Breaker’s Mansion. Would you believe i was still furnished in the same manner as the 1800’s when the Vanderbilt family resided there?

I have never seen such opulence and decor. The house was larger than life with gilding and rooms upon rooms. Personally I would have been nervous to ever sit on a chair if I lived there!!

Breakers Mansion - The most majestic home of all!

We also got the chance to play tennis twice at the Tennis Hall of Fame. They have beautiful grass courts. Mario and I played against Avery and a pro which was so much fun and so different from playing on clay.

Heading to play tennis of grass courts.

Me on the top deck by hot tub - Needed after tennis!!

We really enjoyed being on the water. Avery would water ski and do wave boarding and we all went jet skiing. We would take the boat out for short day trips as the water was rough and even though one day it rained we still had the time of our lives!

Mario and Avery taking the Jet Ski out for a spin

Avery wake boarding.

Hanging out on the 3rd upper deck of the yacht.

Oh and did I mention the food on the yacht?!! The food the chef would prepare for us was so amazing that we only dined out twice locally! But we enjoyed our visits to the town because everyone was so nice and the stores and restaurants were all fabulous.

Mario and I enjoying the evening on the boat.

Amazing Newport sunset!

There’s nothing like eating el fresco and watching the sunset with family and great friends.

It was really one of our best vacations ever!!

p.s. – I will be posting many more pics from my trip and other summer events to my Facebook Fan page in the upcoming weeks. Become a member so you can view them!!



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Next Stop – Zambia!

May 17, 2010

We are in Zambia at camp Toka Leya. Check out these amazing photos of where I am staying. The Wilderness Safaris and &Beyond camps have been nothing short of phenomenal!! I feel so lucky to be here! I saw some amazing landscapes and experienced nature like you only see in the movies.

It is truly a blessing to experience ALL sides of Africa. It is a wonderful country and the girls and I are getting the opportunity to do and see things that we could have only dreamt of, including the chance to visit with persons/communities who’s lives have been touched by The Africa Foundation.

Please check back tomorrow for more photos and information!

xo, Ramona

Photos courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

Wanted to share these pictures from the Xarana (&Beyond)  and Mombo (Wilderness Safaris) camps which we had the pleasure of staying at last week, while visiting the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
We were told that these camps are the top operators in South Africa and I have to agree, as both camps were beyond amazing and truly exceeded my expectations!!!
&Beyond’s Xarana Camp

&Beyond’s Xarana Camp

&Beyond's Xarana Camp

Wilderness Safari’s Mombo Camp

Wilderness Safari's Mombo Camp

Wildnerness Safari's Mombo Camp

Please keep checking my blog for more updates and picture!

xo, Ramona

* works in conjunction with &Beyond Foundation to provide aid for Africa’s children.

Photos courtesy of Wilderness Safaris and &Beyond

Free Fingers by Nina

March 18, 2010

My dear friend Nina Wexler started this collection of these super cute fingerless gloves to benefit breast cancer.  Check out this article about her and Free Fingers on by clicking the image below.  The part about her son writing the song put a tear in my eye!


March 6, 2010

Just in case you missed this, I thought this was so much fun!  I really thought Alex & Kelly looked amazing too!

Real Housewives of NYC hit the TODAY show to talk about Season 3

Click the photo to see the clip!

Real Housewives

March 6, 2010

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this season of The Real Housewives of New York City!

I felt like a million bucks in this shot for the new Bravo promos!

Posing with new Housewife, Sonja Morgan

Family photo by Rob Rich

Africa Foundation

March 6, 2010

I am so happy to have started this blog so I have a place to connect with my fans and discuss the on-goings of my business and the fun publicity I receive.  But most importantly, I really like that I have a place to talk about something very close to my heart.

Africa Foundation facilitates the empowerment and development of people living in or adjacent to protected areas in Africa, by forging unique partnerships between conservation initiatives and communities. The Foundation funds projects based on the needs within the communities surrounding conservation areas, specifically in the following three areas:

  • Education – school improvement, bursary schemes, conservation lessons
  • Healthcare – primary healthcare centres, HIV/AIDs awareness programmes, access to water, sanitation
  • Income Generating Activities – agricultural projects, skills centres, entrepreneurial support

A key Africa Foundation aim is to help break the cycle of poverty. They therefore seek to support projects that combine to provide a ‘conveyor belt’ of resources from pre-natal care, right the way through to university bursaries.

This May I am a part of a group of women on a trip to South AFrica, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia to participate in extremely vital community development projects involving education, medical and health care improvements in rural Africa.  The major focus of the trip is to expose us to the work of Africa Foundation and to continue to the work of the foundation.  Our group will be touring the creche, primary and high schools; visiting health care clinics and learning about HIV/AIDs initiatives.  Africa Foundation’s work involves communities that border on conservation areas.  A special thank you to Wilderness Safaris and &Beyond for making all of this possible!!

A special thank you to Wilderness Safaris and &Beyond for making all of this possible!!

If you wish to learn more or to see you can be a part of the foundation, please visit

Life & Style Weekly

March 4, 2010

I am always being asked about what my eating habits are since I started “renewing” myself.  I thought this was a great piece in Life & Style and I was really happy to get a 3 1/2 star rating!

Do you have any tips for me?  I’d love to hear from you!

Eat healthy - Feel great! Life & Style "What I Really Eat"

Also – I wanted to let everyone know since kicking coffee out of my diet I have been drinking a lot of green tea and recently I found THE BEST Green Tea EVER!  My friends Shane and Joel from Talbott Teas gave me a sampler of their Green Tea Heaven and honestly it’s the best tea I’ve ever had.  It has all-natural ingredients like raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb which bring out the incredible flavor of the Japanese Sencha green tea and then on top of that there are more blueberries – And I love blueberries for the taste and how they are so antioxidant-rich. Gift Set Sampler, My Favorite is Green Tea Heaven!

You have to try this and let me know what you think!

All my best to a happy and healthy you!

xo Ramona

A few of my favorite pieces available on now

I am so happy to officially announce the launch of my Ramona Singer Collections Amazon Store!  We have been very busy putting together all of my favorite items from True Faith Jewelry, especially all of the styles from the show that you ask me about so often.  These are just a few of my favorites, but you have to see the store – there are so many beautiful pieces!

See the amazing selection here on Amazon

Insider Scoop:  I’ll be featuring Tru Renewal on as well, another added bonus for my Ramona Singer Collections Amazon Store!

Welcome to my official blog!

I have received so many requests for my opinion on business, beauty, health, fitness and family that I thought it was finally time to start the conversation with all of you in one centralized place.  I also wanted to use this platform to thank all of my fans for all of your support these last few years.   As we get ready for the premiere of Season 3 on March 4th, I can tell you this will be our best season yet and it is chock full of surprises!

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often, I will be updating my blog often with photos, stories and lots of tips.   Please comment!  I love to hear from all of you.

xo Ramona