Welcome to my official blog!

I have received so many requests for my opinion on business, beauty, health, fitness and family that I thought it was finally time to start the conversation with all of you in one centralized place.  I also wanted to use this platform to thank all of my fans for all of your support these last few years.   As we get ready for the premiere of Season 3 on March 4th, I can tell you this will be our best season yet and it is chock full of surprises!

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often, I will be updating my blog often with photos, stories and lots of tips.   Please comment!  I love to hear from all of you.

xo Ramona

118 Responses to “Ramona Singer’s Official Blog”

  1. I love that you don’t let the mean girls (Jill, LuAnne and Kelly) off the hook.

    • sue said

      I think they are all being mean – I’m not letting anyone off the hook. Some are being meaner than others but that still doesn’t replace common decency.

      • Jean said

        Hi Ramona,
        I was watching a Housewives marathon and I noticed that in the earlier eposides you wore a lot of really beautiful cross necklaces. I would really love to find a cool one. Were did you find them?
        I am a BIG fan.
        Great Job

    • kristine said

      First of all I must say, you have more class than all of them, Your beautiful, smart and you have morals. Im really glad your still on housewives but i think you should soon consider you own show, love watching you. As far as all those woman you really are your own person and Jill seems so jealous over you.

    • Romona,

      I saw your interviews for an assistant!! Wow…you needed me. Why…smart , funny, outgoing,very nice…but will put you in your place! Will tell the truth…Just a simple girl..

      I love you to pieces…

      All my love…
      best of luck !!!!


  2. alison said

    Hi Romona! Love the new year! You look much younger and even more sassy. I am a jewelry designer and would love if you would look at some of my things sometime. Thanks for taking the time to do a blog. Alison

  3. Laura V said

    Hi Ramona,

    Just watched the clip. Sounds like we’re in for an exciting season of HWNYC. Also, received my pink ring in the mail yesterday. Just exquisite!
    Best Regards,
    Laura from Albany

  4. Michele said

    Hi Ramona. I absolutely loved the grey shift dress you were wearing in the episode that aired last night (March 11th). It kind of had a drape at the neckline – you were wearing it during one of the cut-away shots where you comment on recent events/happenings on the show. Would you mind letting me know who made the dress and where you pruchased it!! It looked so great on you!! Love your new haircut!! Michele

  5. Colleen said

    Ramona, I think you are awesome! You really have it together.I love the relationship you have with your daughter and how you see through the phony Leann and Kelly.You are a very genuine person.Love Ya and keep up the great work! P.S -You look fabulous!! ~Colleen~

  6. Susan said

    Hello Ramona,

    I just want to tell you how much I love your new hair style! You look fantastic! Younger and sassier than ever. I am looking forward to a very interesting season of Housewives of New York…don’t let the “Countess” upset you. You have a style that is your own, and you are a strong, independent woman. I wish you continued success and happiness!

    Susan from California

  7. Viviana said

    I just watched the “Watch What Happens: Live” following tonight’s episode. Not that you probably even read these comments, but in case you get the message – you looked so beautiful! You just looked really young & with a great complexion. Of course, you are pretty on the show, too. But you looked great on live television. Loved, loved, loved your hair & makeup.

    Win. 🙂

  8. Karen from Philly said

    Ramona-why do those bitches keep spreading rumors that you are on drugs?

  9. Lisa said

    Ramona! Keep dancin’! Woot woot! Xoxo Lisa

  10. Brasilmagic said

    back in the 80’s, I thought 50 would be OLD….but you make 50 seem like a woman’s best age. You look great and you are funny.

  11. Kathy said

    ramona- you look stunning in your gown going to bethennys wedding…xoxox

  12. Deb said

    Hi Ramona,…just want you to know that you are my favorite housewife on your show. And, I was almost blown away when I found out your age, there is no way in a million years that I would have thought it, because you look at least twelve years younger then what you are. I love your outspokeness, and the way you put people in there place when it is needed. Keep up the good work, and I just have to add that I think Jill is jealous of you!

  13. Deborah said

    Dearest Mrs. Ramona Singer,
    I would like to start off by saying that you are a very beautiful woman and especially for your age. Which by the way I can honestly say that I really don’t have any idea what your exact age is. If I were to make my best guess of your age and I were to go strictly on looks alone then 35 would be the number I’d guess. You seem to have been very blessed with many great things in your life. You have a beautiful family, a beautiful home, and many other things that everyone else in the world would love to have.
    I have been a loyal fan of The Real Housewives of New York City. Ever since the very first episode of the Housewives of NYC you have been one of, if not the, most entertaining housewife to watch. There have been several comments made by other housewives about you having diarrhea of the mouth. I have to admit that I couldn’t agree with this anymore than I do. You seem to speak what is on your mind and at times create a scene or drama. I know exactly how hard it can be to not offend someone while you are talking. This is because I am the same way that you are in this aspect. There will be people that claim to be offended by things that we do or say everywhere. It can be a challenge for me to remember this. It takes a little bit more time for people to get to know me. That is enough time for people to see that in fact I am a very nice person and have no intention of offending anyone.
    This being said there are a few things that I have watched you do on the show this season. So I would like to ask you about what happened to make you say some of these things that you did.
    The first question I have is what happened,(if anything), between yourself and Bethany that made you appear to harbor some ill feelings towards her? For example: the comments you made to Bethany about how she has screwed up all of her previous relationships and will probably screw up the new relationships that she currently has with friends and family.
    Do you feel sorry for making this statement to Bethany or would you say it again to her?

    Next question I have is about your friendship/relationship with Jill Zarin.
    We have all watched the up and down, roller-coaster like ride that you and Jill have.
    Are you still friends with Jill or have you gone back to the way it was before the start of this new season?
    Myself and most likely the rest of the entire country are curious to know what was it that created some hesitation when an opportunity to reconcile and return to the tightly knitted friendship you talk about having with Jill?

    Unlike other cities housewives, you and the other wives appear to jump back and forth over and over again while facing an epic-like struggle to choose who you’ll be friends with. With the other housewives from different cities making it know who it is they will be friends with. Has there ever been a time that you think to yourself that it would be much easier to get along with everyone?

    It would be the coolest story for me to be able to tell my friends and family that I was able to talk with you. As I said before you are my favorite wife to watch and I wish that they could show much more film of daily life for you and your family. I know that I am definitely your number 1 fan and this you can take to the bank.

    Thanks again and I hope to hear back from you soon,

    J.D. Hitchins
    Fan de el numbre uno!

  14. veronica said

    Dear ramona. I just want to tell you what a beautiful person you are. Keep your head up high. Remember that all that really matters is family and let everything else go with love. God bless

  15. jenine said

    Hey Ramona I gotta crack up cause I think your hysterical for real you make the show and what I really like is your HONESTY thats what everyone should appreciate NOT the fact of what comes out of your mouth at least theres honesty no talking behind anyones back thats what I like about you your alittle like me you say things sometimes before thinking I no thats what i do but at least you can say your honest keep up the great work your doing with your jewlery line and your tru renewal stuff your the best Ramona!!!!!!!

  16. laurie said

    You are so good this year. I loved that you walked that catwalk for a friend. you are braver than i would be on a catwalk.Keep catching the mean girls in their lies so we can continue to see their real side next year too.Keep up your renewal of yourself and life will be great for you. good luck to you and your family in all you do.

  17. Laura said

    Romona, I could not believe it when you said on the show the other night that you were “49 Plus” I was like holy sh**! I had NO clue. And trust me I am really good at guessing ages. I would never have guessed that you were older than Jill, LuAnn, and Sonya. It had already annoyed me when LuAnn made that crack about you being too old to be in a bikini and that was when I thought you were only 43 or 44. You look damn good in a bikini for ANY age, even a 20 year old. Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it.

  18. Monique said

    wondering if the necklace you have been wearing alot, long with diamond stations, like diamond by the inch, is available, is that yours do you sell it
    on HSN?? couldn’t find it,
    Please respond
    thanks so much

  19. Linda said

    Hello Ramona
    Love to watch the new york housewives. I think that some of the housewives have a problem being honest and you just asy it like it is. I hope you start speaking your mind when it comes to Jill she has a real problem with the truth and I think your just the person to tell her. Just a question having a problem tweeting you just started and think I’m doing it wrong maybe you can help I hope. My twitter name is @cruiseshipcrazy. Hope avery had a wonderful birthday and the suprise dinner went great. Thank You for always being real on the show your great.

    • VICKI GREEN said


  20. Debra E. Davis said

    Ramona, I am loving you in housewives this year! Loved that you didn’t stick around for the drama that unfolded last night. You are the one showing the most class. I wish Alex wasn’t hiding behind Bethanney and Jill is really showing her true self this year. Very self centered. I see you as more other’s centered person. Keep up the good work that you have been doing in renewing all aspects of your life. The benefits are showing. You look wonderful and you exude confidence.

  21. Rae McPhereson said

    Ramona, I love you, your humor, your honesty and you are stunning, that red gown was magical on you. I’m happy for you. I love Bethenny and Alex as well. My best to you and your family and blessings to a beautiful love filled celebration of your marriage.

  22. Dianne said

    Just wanted to say “love you” Ramona! You have great taste, and I admire how you are always true to yourself, no matter what anyone else says or does. My best to you.

  23. Susan Ketner said

    I had a pretty crummy relationship with my father too. He was just mean. In the end, it was I that took care of him for 2 years while everyone else was just too busy or refused to. I can’t say that I grew to like him anymore, but there is a natural affection with your parents that sees you through the toughest of times. I did learn to understand that he was a hurting person, and that hurting people hurt other people. It isn’t an excuse for his abusive behavior, but it gave me a place from which I could learn to forgive him.

    I love your honesty, zeal, dedication, and joy for life. You inspire me to be better. Have a great Mother’s Day and a wonderful time in Africa.

  24. Lisa said

    Hi Ramona, I believe age is an arbitrary number, but damn you can rock a bikini. You look better than Kelly. How do you do it? I know you mentioned pilates in one episode. Please, please tell me your secret. I’m turning 48 this year and want to rock my bod Ramona style.

  25. Crystal Hooper said

    Ramona you seem to be an honest and thoughful women. You remind me of my grandmother. “tell it like it is-straight no chaser”. I admire women like that. It’s not easy to tell people the truth directly. That is an awesome quality that has become what my friends and I look forward to watching!! Keep the positive energy going and best wishes with all your endeavors.

  26. Ramona,
    No matter how they edit you on RHONY, your a very smart, independent, & successful women. I am so happy you decided to keep a separate blog from Bravo, and I am looking forward to the updates.

  27. Mrs Mary Barber said

    IRamona,you and mario are such a Loving & Beautiful couple and ya’lls daughter is Beautiful. I looove your jewlery as a matter of I’ve •bought several pieces and I Love them I am getting inquires on the jewery.Oh how canI get your Facial products

  28. Cheryl said


    Are you in your late 40ties or early 50ties..Doesn’t really matter! I just think you are adorable.


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  30. madeline zollo said

    You go girL give um hell that kelly is coo coo for coco puffs she needs serious help and should be in lockdown far away from anyone your the best duck from jill too she should be with kelly be watching. Bea

  31. Maria Elena Thompson said

    Just curious what brand of Pinot Grigio do you drink?

    Thanks – Maria Elena

  32. Connie said

    Hello Ramona! I have been watching hwfnyc for a while now, when i first started watching i didnt see you too much in it then i relized in the 3rd season you had cut your hair thats why i didnt reconize you lol any ways I am so happy that you and Bethanny have become closer so she had someone to talk towhen she was loosing her dad! I hope that Kelly gets the help she needs because the last espisode she was still cookoo everyone but her had a diffrent verision of what happened. and I dont understand why she is picking on Bethanny she has more to do then call the press and give them bs on her or any of her friends whom she doesnt know! {quietley} i hope she doesnt come back for the 4th season she brings on too much drama! I am so excited to see your and Mario’s renewal vows! and excited to see what your daughter is going to be wearing! as for your age theres no way that your “49” i would have to say in your 30’s at the most! what do you have in your beautie products? maybe they will take yrs of my face too! Well i hope you have a great holiday weekend in the Hamptons let us all know how it was! cant wait for next weeks show!!luv ya Ramona!

    • Hi Ramona (forgive my forwardness),

      I am not a fan ofreality shows but started watching HWFNYC because it is about NYC and I live in Brooklyn. After watching this season, I have to say you are wonderful and down to earth. Genrous with your time, friendship and money. I came to look at your site since I love the jewlery you designed that appeared on the show. Lots of luck in all your projects and enterprises!

  33. Amanda C said


    Can you please let me know what type of eye shadow you used during the solo interviews? It’s a dark and shiny purple color. Thank you!

  34. liza said

    Ramona, those vows that Mario recited to you were absolutely beautiful. What a lucky woman you are! Actually, both of you are pretty lucky if you ask me. God Bless and will be missing the show this summer.

  35. Tiffany said

    Ramona, Thank you so much for blogging! I absolutely love watching you on rhony. My husband laughs at me for the dedicated time I take to watch and record the show. I feel as if watching you girls is my girl time. Keep being you and stay honest to yourself! You are awesome! Turtle Time!

  36. Anita said

    Romona are a beautiful person inside and out. I just love you 🙂

  37. Lina said

    Do you think you could post the pics that Kelly took and gave you as a wedding gift?

  38. AVS said

    Hi Ramona,
    I love your jewelry- I especially love the necklaces I see you wearing during your interviews on the show- can you please tell me which long chain you pair with that lovely flower necklace! I want a set of my own- I just love it!

  39. Jill Bloom said

    Please have a big sale on your skin care products,I would love to use them,but with jobs being lost everyday,plus most extra money I have I try to help my newly married son.you look so young! I am not young but my spirits could use a lift.Please,I can’t spend bill money on myself.Have a wonderful summer,will wait to see to see all of you next season.JB

  40. Vicki said

    HI Ramona,
    Love the new you! I have to say you are an inspiration. With you renewing everything about yourself, your business, your look, your friendships and your life in general (not to mention the gorgeous and romantic wedding)you have given me the strength to say I too can renew myself. I dont know if you remember but you and I got to speak last year when you called me regarding your skin line. Have to tell you I love it! You keep standing strong against the gossip and backstabbing. I know this is a show but it is a “reality show” nonetheless. You have a big heart and alot to give; and you do. Jill feels she has to be the center of attention all the time and when she isn’t out come the claws! You stand true to yourself and don’t take crap from Luann and Jill anymore. You have shown them you are the bigger person.
    Love ya girl and cant wait to order your jewlery from HSN soon.
    Vicki—New Jersey

  41. lorraine kithcart said

    Dear Ramona, You are such an inspiration to me. I recently lost my dad who was my best friend. You have helped me move forward. Your attitude is so positive and it is contagious….Keep up the good work. You daughter is beautiful like mother like daughter.This is my first time ever blogging.Hope to meet you in person some day…When are you going to write a self help book I think it would do well.

  42. lorraine kithcart said

    Dear Ramona, I know this sounds a little funny, however I have such a wonderful idea for you jewelery line, I have done research on this item and it has never been done before. I have also done research with woman of all ages and they seem to love my idea. I was thinking of what business woman I would like to share this great new you because you and I have the same drive… we keep moving forward toward the future. I live close to NYC. I know you probably recieve so many emails however I really think this new item that I invented would fly off the shelves…especially since you and Mario do this type of business. My email address is memasrain@aol.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Carpe Diem

  43. paula ralston said

    HI Ramona,
    you look so happy and your wedding was soooooo pretty and you looked great.I just have to say when you had Bethanny over to see Jill I think things would have worked out if the B Luann would have stay out of things,she thinks that she is being a friend to Jill but she makes things worse.Same thing with Alex at the party fun raiser Sonja had at her place she jump all over Alex about something that is none of her Bussiness. Any way just watch out for her some times when your in the middle of things you don’t see everything going on.You are a great friend you have a lot of class and make women proud to be women keep up the good job.Also your hair style is very pretty on you better than the long hair.So take care your a great person.

  44. Barbara said

    Hi Ramona:
    You are such an inspiration. You look so great. I am your age and you inspire me to look my best too. Your fashion is fantastic too. I really respect that you are always honest with all the other gals on the show and say what you think directly instead of behind their backs. Perhaps that is why you are the only one who is still on speaking terms with everyone.
    I intend to purchase your renewal products since you are a great model for their effectiveness. Have a great summer. BL

  45. Dee Dee said

    Hi Ramona,

    I love your jewelry line,it’s alittle out of my price range. I think your a classy lady and taking the girls away on that trip was great, I hope they were grateful even with the drama, not many people get that kind of opportunity. Best of luck to you and your family.

  46. Jill Bloom said

    Ramona you look wonderful! As a nurse,having worked 33+ years in my field,I am about to be laid off.Some what older then you,I would love to have great looking skin to go out job huntung,how about a sale for those of us who have lost our job?JB

  47. JuliePottle said

    Hi Ramona,

    I just have to tell you that I think you are a beautiful woman. I turned 51 this April and I have to be honest here, I feel so old!! I would love to have your beautiful skin..it is just glowing. I checked out your products and they look amazing!! Wish I could afford them but, just too much money for me!! I live in Maine so the frigid cold and humid summers can do a number on your skin. I am sure it must be like that in NYC as well so you know what I mean!!! I think you are great on the show. You have a fantastic personality, great outlook on life, beautiful and fun! Would love to be able to see what life is like with you in the Big Apple!!!! If I ever win the lottery I will for sure purchase your skin care line. Thanks for being you……

  48. KerinFahland said

    I just adore you Ramona and lov your jewelry line.

  49. Diana said

    Hello Ramona…do you think your hairdresser would be willing to share the [name and description] of your latest haircut, the one you got for your beautiful vow renewal ceremony? It was just adorable, but there’s no chance of me ever going to your salon since I live in Texas. I guess another way, instead of asking your hairstylist, would be to post pics on your blog showing all angles of your haircut, and then I could show my hairstylist. I bet it would make a bunch of other people happy, too! Your daughter is darling, by the way. Thanks so much for any help you can give~~Diana

  50. Lila said

    You look great not only for 54 but for 24.

  51. Jill Bloom said

    I am not sue if you read/respond to your blog,but I read that Allison Croce was able to obtain a free sample of you skin care products and noticed a difference in 2 weeks,how can I get a free sample?It sounds good,you look wonderful,JB

  52. Melinda Azar said

    Ramona, I can’t find where you blogged your exercise routine as you said on “Watch what Happens”… please advise, thanks. MElinda

  53. Julie Doyle said

    Ramona, I think you’re awesome and you look fantastic!! You have a sweet family and I wish you all the best!!

  54. susan s said

    Ramona, I am impressed that set yourself apart of the rest by being so genuine and caring. You seem to be generous to those near and dear to your heart and the love for your daughter shines through in true mother fashion. I applaud you for holding your integrity in the midst of (often) craziness. You go girl!

  55. anibbtemansilla said

    ramona!! ur my favorite housewife i think jill and luan and specially kelly are the witches of the show! thanks for stay true to who you are! People should be just honest and say whatever they are feeling!!


  56. Marie Gantiosa-Harding said

    You..only You, not housewives, just You. Although, I’ve come to know you through housewives, I’ve become very emotional watching you come to your ReNewal stage. Proud of You and so very happy to see that You are real, honest and true to yourself, family and friends. Mario and Avery are blessed, as well as they for you, and I thank you for sharing that you are a strong woman when you need to be, yet fragile and sensitive in your heart when your personal life comes into play. Thank you for allowing me and everyone to see this part of you. It’s very refreshing and hope others will look at their lives and share with their family and friends, as you did, that ReNewal in all aspects of life can be amazing.

  57. rita gugliaro said

    Dear Ramona, Your wedding at the Pierre was so special to me because this January, my husband and I celebrated out 50th anniversary with an amazing week-end at the Pierre. But the most amazing coincidence is that at the beginning of that show, there was a short view of the New Yorker Hotel, which was where we celebrated our wedding night 50 years ago. So you can imagine how very special that film of that show is to me. You are so right when you say that you love Mario more now than you did when you got married, I have to tell you that it’s possible to love more after 50 years and my wish for you and Mario is that you get to celebrate your 50th with the same youthful love that we were so blessed to have. We also renewed our vows in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the presence of our beautiful family.

  58. karen Asher said

    Ramona- You are Renewed!!! I love your honesty. People always know where they stand with you….that is admirable! And you do “give” of yourself to others a lot….you are a real friend.

    Is your jewerly line only viewed on HSN or are their websites?

  59. karla battaglino said

    watched u last night. jill has owned up to her mistakes. enough already. you did not give her a chance to make amends on the island. can’t u see alex is poisoning your mind. no one could have been meaner than u the first 2 seasons and u got a pass. let up on jill.

  60. Nancy said

    Dear Ramona,

    I wish you and your family all the best. You are a great inspiration to women. You are well spoken, opinionated & tell it like it is. You recognize your faults & only try to improve on them as we all should do. None of us are perfect but to strive to do & be better is all we can do. You are gorgeous & your hard work has shown in all areas. Love you girl.

  61. Sandy said

    You look amazingly beautiful Ramona, you are my inspiration, knowing that 50 plus can be fun and beautiful!! Thank you!

  62. Reen said

    Hey Ramona,

    You know in the beginning of the show I used to think you had diarrhea of the mouth, but then i got to understand your point and you are by far my favorite housewife then comes Bethany. I run into Alex and Simon all the time he’s really cool he walked with me to Broadway one day(I was on my way to Penn Sta.)Now don’t get me wrong, I like the way you tell it like it is, I’m the same way, probably worse. Your friend Jill is dillusional and Kelly should really phone home so the planet she’s from can come and pick her up!! She really needs help and never knows what the hell she is saying. Tell the producers to tell her to stop making those ugly faces,she probably gets that from eating too many Jelly beans??

    Bye for now!
    P.S your wedding dress “awesome” and you looked beautiful your baby girl too!

    Take Care.

  63. Vickie S. said

    Ramona, Loved watching you this season – especially the episodes of your renewal getaway. Fun! Good for you! You look fantastic! I just read your comments about your diet and am waiting to hear about your workout routine. The behind-your-back comments from the other housewives regarding you in a bikini – come on – can you say “jealous”?? That really drove me crazy. Can’t any of them be happy for anyone else??? Always a snide comment. Looking forward to next season!

  64. Yvonne said

    My favorite person to watch on the show RAMONA!!!

  65. Paulette said

    Ramona, I really enjoyed the housewives this year! You have been a breath of fresh air! Thanks for putting it out there & tellin’ it like it is! Life’s too short for holding in what one really means to say! Hope to see another season!

  66. Therese said

    I am a fan, and want to thank you for showing me that taking care of your self, mentally and physically are very important. God Bless you and your family.

  67. Marge said

    I love the show, started watching this season and am now completely addicted. Several things about the trip to the islands that I am so struck by that I just feel compelled to comment aobut. First, You displayed incredible generosity to your friends by taking them on such a wonderful trip. I have to say I don’t know how you managed to not just completely loose it with Kelly. She was absolutely outrageous right from the very beginning at your first meal together on the boat. She called you and the others “demented”. How and why you managed to not boot her off immediately is beyond me. What a nasty, class-less, ungrateful guest she was. You were such a great hostess, but honestly the kind of behaviour she put you and the others thru should have immediately nullified her right to any kind of treatment other than expulsion. She may be ill, but that is not a valid excuse for bad behavior and I don’t believe she benefits from anyone enabelling it or her at all. I liked the way you stood up to her and her new puppeteir (Jill) during the reunion show. Way to go!

  68. Katiann said

    Hi Ramona,
    You were amazing this season!! Stay on this new path, it really agrees with… You were glowing all season. You look beautiful and I love your new relationships with all the girls. You really rocked it this year!!!

  69. Zoraida Castas said

    Ramona you look amazing I was looking over your workout routine since that is what I will follow if I can get even as close as to what your body looks like you look TERRIFIC. If you have any more suggestions on how to get to as good a shape or close to as great a shape as you are in please I welcome them.

  70. Lynne said

    Hi there. I am very impressed by how well you take care of your body, and would love to follow your workout regimen. While I am familiar with most of the exercises and can see your photo for example, I do not know what you mean by “butt lifts.” If you could please post a description and/or photo, that would be very helpful! Thanks again, I’m sure all of us envious women would appreciate it!

  71. Sharon said

    Thanks for taking the time to share all the tips! I am so glad to have examples to follow when it comes to aging beautifully and gracefully as my Mother passed 10 years ago. I love the show and look forward to what is coming next.

  72. rita vincent said

    let me know if you read my blog

  73. kathy smith said


  74. c casden said

    I know I am late to the party but I just watched season one and two of Housewives and I can’t believe how mean you can be. Clearly you were affected by the abuse you saw as a child to even let you think it is OK to say some of the things you said.
    I will be curious to watch season three and see if you have evolved at all.
    I hope you get professional help and I really hope you never verbally abuse your daughter under the guise of “just being honest”.
    I guess abuse really does mess up a child forever.

  75. Rich said

    Yeah, I am a guy that totally loves the new transformation. I saw the change during the season and just saw the Wendy Williams show and I adore your personality. God Bless and “Keep The Faith” 🙂

  76. Diana said

    I really like you, Ramona, but I was very disappointed with your insensitive attitude toward your daughter, Avery, before your vow renewal ceremony. You cried in front of the mirror with her, apparently overwhelmed seeing the two of you together, but then only minutes later, you showed very little compassion or sensitivity toward her when she was trying to corral Coco without a leash. Watch the tape and decide for yourself if this is how you want Avery to remember you.

  77. Ann-Marie said

    Hi Ramona,

    I was unable to comment on the link to your opinion request for the subject of your next book. Two possibilities stand out to me:

    A. Becoming a successful business woman and saving over $1-Million in your 30s.

    E. Maintaining a positive outlook and positive energy despite a negative past.

    Good Luck and God Bless!

  78. Misty88 said

    Ramona, I just visited your jewelry website. I love your crosses. However, I found the items to be a little pricey. I’m disabled and on a limited income. I’ll keep checking the site out or go to HSN and hopefully find something I can afford.

    Thank you.

  79. Hi Ramona You and bethany and alex are like the main good people on that show

  80. Annie said

    I just wanted to tell you that my daughter had the pleasure of meeting Avery tonight at the concert. She said she was really nice and even prettier in person. With so many celebrities there, I thought it was funny that speaking with Avery was such a high point of the evening. She watches Housewives with me, so we can relate to you and your relationship. I guess she has gotten to know Avery over time through the show. We should be proud of our lovely young daughters, and of ourselves for doing a good job raising them.

  81. Dawn said

    I love the chunky silver wrist watch Ramona often wears….Who makes that watch?

  82. Hi Ramona,
    When you said on the reunion that you were somewhere around my age, 54, I nearly fell off my chair. I am going to try your skin care immediately! Have you ever thought of starting a direct sales organization for your jewelry and skin care? Your jewelry is classic.

  83. michele said

    Seeing you on Bethenny’s show was a delight. I think what you said to her was right on.
    However, I don’t know if I can continue to watch the RHNYC this year. The previews look brutal. How bad is it?

  84. Ali Landes said

    Hi Ramona!
    I am a HUGE RHONYC fan and I find you hilarious! You also give your friends and family the same kind of advice that my mother gives me, she is also brutally honest.
    I LOVE YOUR WINE! I know everyone says their own creations are great and so forth, but your Pinot is freakin amazing. I’m drinking it right now, so keep making the wine and telling people exactly how bad their skin is because if they don’t know it they shouldn’t show it!!

  85. Maggie Laudati said


    I have only watch Housewives a few times, but I just think you are just so pretty. I admire how smart and intelligent you are.
    If you ever need an assistant email me, would love to work with someone who has such much going for her. I am teaching my daughter to be self reliant like you have said on one of the few episodes. I wish I had a mother who taught me such wisdom!


  86. jeepers1941 said

    Ramona you are smart, funny, a wonderful mother and a loving wife. What more can you be. Just let these two idiots fall by the way side. As for Sonja, she almost had me convinced in her first episode, she was a straight shooter, but she is not. All 3 are looking to do Jill’s dirty work for her, I am sure of it. I could tell you one thing you could do, but you wouldn’t do it. If you would just cut Jill Zarin off at the pass, your life would and could be everything you hope for, without all of Jill’s poisonous venom. Think about it, how many times she has hurt you, tried to come between your friendship with Bethenny, Alex, even with Mario, she is envious. Have you ever asked yourself why? Jealousy, you have what she wants, love and admiration from those you love and who love you. You need to dump her like a hot potato, just as she would you and she will, but only when the time suits her. Please think about it!

  87. Cinnamon Schmitt said

    Hello Ramoma,i am a huge fan of RHONY and a fan of you.The strength you show in dealing with all of the women and their difficult personalities is phenomonal.It takes a strong woman to have a career a family a life that most would die for and still love the people that cause you undeserved stress.How do you do all and not be a complete basketcase?Also how can I have beautiful fashion like yourself at an affordable price.Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listwn.

  88. Donna Kotrla said

    Ramona, I live in Texas, and I went on line to purchase at least 2 bottles of your wine. I got a message saying not sold in Texas. “WHY NOT”. We also drink wine here. I was very upset to see that message. Please let me know how I can go about getting a couple bottles of wine. Also you have a lot of fans in Texas and I’m your biggest fan here. I love tuning in each week to watch you. You’re honest and straight forward. That’s what I like about you. PLEASE help me out and let me know how I can get your wine. PLEEEEEEESE!!!!!!!! Love you much. Take care. Find anyway you can and I’ll pay All the cost.
    Donna Kotrla
    2001 County Road 101
    Hutto, Texas 78634

  89. Jaclyn said

    Hi Ramona,
    Im a huge fan! i have a question for you, i am obsessed with your pie crust cocktail table! Where is it from?

  90. Nadine said


    I truly love your wine and your jewelry, and I know I can buy your jewelry on HSN, but where can I buy your wine. I cannot believe you are in your 50’s you look great, and how much energy you have. For me I’m almost 60’s and don’t have half the energy you have.
    I have question, my daughter is 30 something and wants to find a nice man to marry and have children…please suggest how I can help her find a nice man with a good job, and man like your husband for my daughter.
    You rock Romona, and you are great friend to Alex and Sonia….I truly love how much you love your daughter and I can tell how much your daughter loves you….keep up the good works you do…you are the best:)

  91. Ginny said

    You are one of my favorite housewives. I love Sonja as well. I hope she finds happiness. I’m glad that you don’t let the mean girls get away with stuff. You are an inspiration to women around the world.

  92. Leah said


    I admire you for standing your ground with Jill, Kelly and LuAnn. You have morals and your family is very important to you. Those other ladies only have them when they are convenient. I think you were so supportive of Bethany and you are a really good friend because you are still close to her. Keep up the good work. Your most important job is being a terrific role model to your beautiful daughter Avery. As a mother of three beautiful girls (and one boy), I agree with you it is very important to let daughters see you as successful on your own. It is critical to spend time with your children. You may be busy, but you are home at night. You can have it all, perhaps not all at once, but you can have it all. Thank you for your lighthearted attitude and wonderful example. We love you at our house.


  93. Michelle said

    I just watched the RHONY Renunion and I must say that you, Sonja, and Alex were the only ones worth watching. I cannot stand looking or even hearing Jill Zarin’s screeching voice or seeing her smirking grin as she sits there thinking she is always the final word.

    I voted for you as my favorite this season, ( on Andy’s show). I wish that Cindy would just get the hell off the show. She adds no benefit to anything. At least Kelly is entertaining when she starts talking out of her head.

    I love you and Mario, and you have a beautiful daugher to be very proud of. I am a mother of 2 daughters and I have raised them to be independent and loving. A full time mom is a very rare commodity, as you know.

    You go girl! keep on keeping on!

  94. sara said

    Hi Ramonia

    I like your energy – don’t worry about the others. I think they are jealous. You are fun and the only one that’s married – and to a hot guy, at that! OK, Jill’s married – but that doesn’t count. Good Luck.

    • Claudia Tabares said

      I so agree with your comment !! Ramona’s husband Mario is hot and they make a great couple and I must admit their girl is so adorable but the others don’t count !!!

  95. Tori said

    Hi Ramona, I wanted to say that I am a true fan…I don’t always agree with everything that comes out of your mouth but I see that when they push and push it’s hard to stop words from flying.. and I think that everyone on the show has had trouble with that. But what I do not see is Jill owning up… she can’t wait to find dirt and blab it… she no doubt in my mind is the as you guy’s call it the Page Six leak… cause she can’t shut up. But more importantly from the first season up to now, I’ve seen the change in you, really I started seeing it when you had your run in with Bethany then, tried and tired to get Jill and B.F. back together.. How or Who is this Jill to think that she’s not ready??? or has the right to decide when it’s the right time? And what’s this now she’s blaming you for the friendship breaking up?? She must not have lost anyone she’s loved..or she would understand life waits for no one… or maybe her tears are just as fake as she is…it’s not always as important what you say, but more on how you say it and I think that it might be time for a hearing test for Jill and Countless

  96. Leah said

    Hello Ramona! I just wanted to tell you I LOVE the new RAMONA this year! And Jill , Lu Ann , Kelly and Cindy can go back to pre-school!

  97. I love Pinot! Get that Pinot stocked in Chicagoland-ASAP! I know it’s gotta be so tasty!

  98. Ramona, You are the most honest and genuine person on the RHNYC show, and have such a good heart. I love when you tell LuAnn that her part-time mothering style does not work for you. If that upsets her so be it.

    Now for the important stuff…I was so happy to hear that Bravo got rid of toxic Jill. I no longer wanted to watch the show because of her lies and mean spirit. I am also happy that Kelly and Cindy are gone. Kelly is one of the most clueless and (slightly wacko) people I’ve ever seen. And Cindy..she added nothing to the show; she was just a big yawn. In addition she said many mean things, and for someone who is making her appearance for the first time, that didn’t seem too smart.

    The one person I think was a big mistake to let go, was Alex. Alex wasn’t a ball of fire, but Simon is a scream! Alex also added balance to the show’s cast. She is genuinely a good person, like yourself, and didn’t deserve to be mistreated by some of the cast members. (You excluded of course)

    I am sorry to see that LuAnn is still there! And can’t figure out why. I cannot bear to hear one more song from her. Alex was right, LuAnn is arrogant and pretentious – and disingenuous as well. She is so full of herself, and actually thinks she can sing, Aaargh!

    Good luck to you Ramona, you are my favorite for sure!! You are my reason for watching.

  99. Claudia Tabares said

    I absolutely love your style, passion and honesty thru the show, I live in Australia and I am inspired by you. I will keep watching the shows, the re renewal bit is what every woman should do for themselves! Keep inspiring us by being just You! Thank you

  100. debral.wells@sa.gov.au said

    Dear Ramona

    I think on my Fox series in Australia we are a bit behind on the current series.

    I love the way you have fun, stand your ground, stick to your guns, don’t put up with b/shit and do turtle time with the pino

    Love watching your show, you are very entertaining

    Love Deborah.

  101. penny said

    You my dear are Americas princess, you hold your own, your tuff as nails, you’re a true New Yorker, none of those otheeads can hold a candle to you. It suddendenly seems so funny how Luann is startiung to act, i say act like a mother, her son cannot stand the sight of her, daugheter has moved on with her life id so obvious, you certainly have hit a cord with these women, keep on keeping on you deservea show of your own, the teachinhogs of becoming a successful buisness woman would be great to start, and please get rid of sonja she used you before ,and she is using you and heather for personal gains again, let the stupid airhead get it herself sucsess is not in her cards, unless her hormones give her a break, we love you Ramona your hubby better hold on tight because here in the us you definettly are a queen of sorts..love ya penelpoe

  102. Anna said

    Ramona.. lately I have seen you wearing a watch with a blue band…. Can you please tell me who makes it?

  103. Anne Marie Alifano said

    You are a hoot! How do you stay so young looking? What kind of treatments do you do?

  104. Jennifer said

    I was wondering where you got the dress you wore in St Bart’s the night you went out on SonjaS night. The real pretty mauve one.

  105. Janet said

    Hi there! Just wondering what brand of Pinot wine you drink? Would love to try it! You make it look so delicious in TV! 🙂

  106. Vicki said

    Love you Ramona! Can’t wait for the new season

  107. George Stewart said

    I love the show…..you are so annoying…and still endearing…don’t know how you get me to love and hate you at the same time but you do! Ramona..you are the bomb:) LYL

  108. I love what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work
    and coverage! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

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